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How Can I Use Snapchat To Market My Business?

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taking-photo-with-phone.jpgHave you heard of Snapchat? If you have a teenager, you've probably heard of this popular app, which is a form of social networking, but you may not have used it yourself.

When you are using Snapchat, you can take a photo or a video, draw on it and send it to a specified user. Snapchat is fun for socializing, but what can it do for you in terms of marketing your business?

In What Ways Can I Use Snapchat To Promote My Business?

Get creative with the possibilities of Snapchat when it comes to marketing. You could provide customers with a quick snap of a new product, just long enough to pique their interests. Some companies use Snapchat for contests and giveaways, asking users to send photos of themselves with the product, then selecting a winner to receive discounts.

Planning an event? Use Snapchat as a way to provide behind-the-scenes interviews, photos, and information.

How Do I Get Snapchat?

Since Snapchat already has over 30 million users and is still growing, it's a unique way to reach consumers in a new format, which will engage them and get their attention. Setting up a Snapchat account is easy and free. You need an email address, username, and secure password to access the application. Your snaps, or photos, don't have to be boring. Snapchat has editing tools that allow you to add fonts, texts, and drawings to your snaps to make them come alive.

Keep in mind that in our electronic day and age of instant gratification, people have shorter attention spans than ever. That's why you need to maximize the few seconds you have to get their attention.

Think about how you can tell a story in mere seconds with your visuals, and how it ties in to your business. Use Snapchat Stories to give people an in-depth look into your company, departments and employees, and get to know them better. People like knowing behind-the-scenes stories, which is why celebrity snaps are so popular.

Encourage users to engage with you, tweeting photos and content when they screenshot their snaps and share them. Another thing to remember is giving users value. What value are you giving them when you send a snap? Is it something they'll be glad they looked at? Is it relevant to your products, your brand and your company? Are you offering them an exclusive coupon or deal that's only available to Snapchat users? Are there rewards for consumers who consistently view your snaps?

Lastly, once you open a Snapchat account for your business, you have to let the public know. Take to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and every other relevant social media page you're on to let everyone know your company has a new Snapchat, and offer a reward for everyone who 'follows' your snaps. Give people an incentive to read your snaps, and give yourself an immediate audience.

Snapchat is not for every business, but it may work for yours. Research and see if complements your brand, products and services.

Questions and Final Thoughts

Have you used Snapchat to market your business? If so, how did it turn out?

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