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So You’ve Created Your Buyer Personas — Now What?

Creating buyer personas is an important step in marketing. Advertising with these personas in mind means you're gearing your content towards a specific demographic.

You may have made a number of buyer personas, all with detailed personalities, buying habits and preferences, but exactly how do you use these personas to your brand's advantage?

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Where Are My Buyer Personas Spending Time?

If your buyer personas have all switched from Facebook to Instagram, but you're still primarily on Facebook, switch over. Start spending more time on those social media sites and assess which up and coming sites your buyer personas are into. Move your marketing dollars around and funnel them into the places your personas live.

What Do My Buyer Personas Want?

Whether you own a self storage business or manage a non-profit, your personas have a personality, and they want to consume content that solves their problems and helps them achieve their goals. Use their distinctive voice and create special content just for them, including blogs, videos, podcasts, lead-generating offers, emails, and social media posts tailored for each platform.

Speak the way your buyer personas speak so you can relate to them on their level. Adapt your content to your buyer personas, so check your website, social media platforms and all other existing content to make sure it aligns with those needs.

What Problems Are My Buyer Personas Experiencing?

What problems do your buyer personas have, and how can you solve them? That's just one thing to consider when you are creating marketing content.

Eliminate irrelevant topics and focus on the ones that truly matter, like what your personas’ daily challenges are, what their needs are, and what their life goals are. This helps your narrow your focus and create content that's unique to your buyer personas.


Don't be afraid to create content for multiple buyer personas; this is how your products have a wider appeal. For any negative personas or people you interviewed that chose not to do business with you, be sure to use this information to better formulate your content and massage your marketing strategy. However, avoid targeting these negative personas since they don't provide positive results.

Will My Buyer Personas Change?

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Over time, they certainly can. Or, you may want to tap into a new market. It’s smart to stay abreast of current trends. Depending on your audience, consider using Snapchat or Pinterest to lure in consumers.

There are new trends happening every day. Scope out your competition and see how they use their buyer personas. Stay one step ahead of other marketing trends and keep an eye on your personas, too.

If you've created your buyer personas, it's time to present them to your team or your client. Our easy and FREE buyer persona templates can simplify and speed up the process. 


Editor's note: This blog was originally published in 2014. It has been updated for freshness and accuracy.

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