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Google Launches New Platform To Connect Businesses With Customers

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hand_on_keyboard.jpgGoogle is at it again. The company that started as a search engine and grew into a behemoth tech company has introduced another new product that is aimed at small business owners.

Utilizing the tagline “Find your people,” Google My Business, has the main goal of creating an inclusive business platform that will allow small business to better integrate into the online realm. While that platform seems interesting, you have to wonder, will Google My Business be any different than Google Places and other incarnations launched by Google?

What exactly is Google My Business?

To answer that question, it is first important to understand what Google My Business is. Google My Business is an easily searchable directory of businesses that integrate Google products, including social media, into a single platform. The platform will offer support for a myriad of current Google products, too.


Google has made sure that Google My Business hasn’t left anything out of the equation, and business owners will find they can access all of their Google products on the new platform.

For example, businesses that currently use AdWords will be able to access their information through Google My Business, and will be treated to more data than ever before. Owners will be able to see how consumers found their business, what they were searching for when they found it, and how they are being engaged by the page.

Google+ Integration

Google+, which was originally intended to unseat Facebook as the social media network of choice, hasn’t really taken off with the general public, but it’s a rather impressive platform for businesses, and it is gaining traction. Currently is has 300 million active uers

Through Google My Business, merchants will have the ability to utilize their Google+ profiles to connect and share with their consumers, all in one place. Google My Business will integrate the Google+ profiles that are currently being utilized by small business, and port them over to the new business-centric platform.

App Support

Google My Business will be replacing the other business platforms that Google has churned out in recent years, just as Google+ replaced Buzz a few years back. Whenever Google replaces a platform they tend to add extra support as well, and Google My Business is no different.

An Android app will be available for business owners, so they can easily connect with their clients and consumers. It will also allow business owners to see their search data in the blink of an eye, and alter their approach to meet the predictions of that data. The app should be an interesting addition to the platform, however, it will only be available on the Play Store, for now. There is no word of the app being portable to other operating systems at this time, and it is unlikely to make its way to the iTunes store, as you likely guessed.

Questions and Final Thoughts

What do you think, will Google My Business provide better support to business owners? 

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