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StoryBrand BrandScript Examples You Can Use For Your Business Today

StoryBrand BrandScripts are the blueprints of your company's marketing messages. It has helped well-known brands like Pantene, Intel, and charity: water clarify their message and capture the focus of more people. StoryBrand founder Donald Miller introduced us to the BrandScript, which follows the StoryBrand Framework, a roadmap inspired by the greatest stories ever told. This framework outlines seven elements found in all great stories in which your customer is the hero of the story and your brand is the guide.

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A StoryBrand BrandScript is more detailed than corporate mission statements because they communicate to employees everything they need to know about the company's goals. A StoryBrand BrandScript also helps companies optimize their marketing messages so that they can tell a story that resonates with their target audience.

Most companies today drown in the sea of competition because they fail to simplify their marketing message. As a result, their marketing materials look confusing, working with them feels like a lot of work, and they almost always talk about themselves.

A flashy, super high-tech-looking website can't magically get you more customers, even when you're in the business of creating flashy websites. If your message isn't clear enough for customers to understand in under 5 seconds, they'll move on faster than you can say StoryBrand BrandScript.

One good way to stand out for your target market is to simplify your marketing message. It becomes easier to do that when you have a StoryBrand BrandScript.

Let's explore some StoryBrand BrandScript examples, look at every section, and see how you can create one designed specifically for your business.

Section 1: The Character, The Hero, Your Customer

Every good story has a hero that wants something. Your business has to define what your clients want or what's causing them to call you. Identify your hero's wants and be sure to relate them to your product or service.

This first part in the StoryBrand Framework helps you narrow down your target market. One of the most illogical goals most businesses have is to appeal to everyone. There are billions of people on our planet today, and everyone seems like a very wide target to hit. You're never going to please everyone.

Knowing your customer also helps you narrow down your brand message. Many businesses fail because they don't know who they're talking to, really. They end up creating a website that looks all over the place, a message that feels all too general, or social media posts that are super easy to ignore.

Your customer's story is different from yours, so start by identifying what they want. Don't assume they have the same worldview as you do. Remember, you're there to help them - not the other way around.

To find out their desires, ask questions:

  • What would make life easier for them?
  • How could we improve upon X? (X is whatever you offer.)

There are multiple answers that point in the same direction, so gather those possibilities and organize them into a clear story. The answers you come up with can be crafted into simple, yet effective messages that can capture your customer's attention the second they land on your website.

Who is your hero? What does he want?

Your customers are the heroes of their own stories. In order for you to help them tell it better, you have to know what they want. Use that knowledge to create a clear message about how your product or service can fulfill that desire.


If you're an interior designer, you can say:

My clients want to feel more comfortable in their space. They want to live in a place that feels like their own definition of home. 

If you're a marketing agency, you can say:

Our clients want to reach more customers and to place their products/services in front of people who need them. 

If you're a nonprofit organization, you can say:

We want to help bring clean and safe water to every person on the planet. 

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This last example is straight out of charity: water's website, an organization that uses the help of StoryBrand Certified Guides to get its message across. The StoryBrand Framework can be applied to businesses and organizations of any size. It can help businesses like yours to thrive. 

Section 2: The Customer's Problem

Now that you've defined who your character is in the story and what they want, it's time to throw some risk in the mix. Define the problem that plagues them. Out of the seven elements of a success story, the problem is one of the most fundamental. It's one of the reasons why your brand exists.

All of the StoryBrand BrandScript examples you'll see in this article is all about understanding your ideal customers so well that you can give them exactly what they need, creating a story so compelling that it actually gets noticed. But what are those people really looking for?

You’re not just selling an idea or a service, you’re solving problems. And understanding the nature of your customers’ problems gives you the power to tweak your brand story so it becomes irresistible.

Every great story has an element of risk to it. If Frodo doesn't get the ring to Mount Doom, all of Middle Earth is practically...well, doomed! If Danny LaRusso can't beat his bullies through fantastic feats of Karate, he'll always feel like a loser.

It's easier to trust your business when your clients know that you understand what they're going through. And every character in all stories goes through three types of problems.

Let's look at some StoryBrand BrandScript examples to explore these types of problems.

External Problem 

What's keeping your customers from getting what they want?

"My marketing strategies aren't providing the consistent results I want."

"Even if I am selling the most beautifully designed and decorated home, no one seems to notice my listing."

"I want to look younger, but I've wasted lots of time and money on products that don't work"

Internal Problem 

How do they feel about their external problem?

"It's so frustrating to waste time and money on ineffective marketing."

"Moving into a new home and selling my previous house at the same time makes me feel anxious."

"Wrinkles and lines strip away my confidence. I don't feel like myself and I feel like it's my fault."

Philosophical Problem 

Why is it wrong for your clients to be burdened by these problems? 

"Marketing should be easy given all the technology available to everyone today."

"You have invested a lot of time, money, and emotion into your home. Selling it under its optimum price is just plain wrong."

"Aging, hormones, or lifestyle choices shouldn’t prevent you from living a fulfilling life." 

Only by answering these three questions can you create a brand that will position you as the leader.

Show your clients that you understand who your customers are, why their problems matter, and how your brand can give them what they need to live happier and achieve success. Do this by creating a message that expresses empathy and authority and outline how you can help them succeed because you've done it before. We'll talk more about this in the next section.

Section 3: The Guide

The guide in the story is your business. In order for the main character, your customer, to achieve success, they must pick the right brand that would lead them to the end of the tunnel.

Luke Skywalker had Ben Kenobi and Yoda. Frodo had Sam. Danny LaRusso had Mr. Miyagi.

The job of your business is to express empathy toward your clients' problems.  They can only trust someone who understands what they're going through.

In this section, you need to answer the question, "How do I demonstrate empathy for my clients?"

Your customers are also looking for someone they can trust. That's why you need to establish your authority. Check out these examples from the StoryBrand BrandScript of real companies.


"We understand how frustrating it is when you don’t get the expected lift you need from your marketing creative when you need it."

"We believe each home is truly special and deserves a customized marketing plan that helps buyers recognize its uniqueness."

"We understand how frustrating performance problems, stubborn fat, and aging skin can be."


"By applying the proven principles of behavioral science to your marketing, you can create consistently effective marketing strategies that drive customers to act with confidence."

"Our expertise in the prevailing local market, as well as our gift for staging and preparing homes, showcases your property’s true potential and launches your home onto the market."

"We have helped thousands of men and women look and feel their best."

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Section 4: The Plan

This section, simply put, articulates how easy it is for your customers to do business with you. StoryBrand recommends that you list up to three steps that show clients how they should move forward. 

Example 1: 

3 Simple Steps to Increase Your Marketing Impact Today

  1. Watch our training video
  2. Select the program that fits your business needs
  3. Achieve consistent results with your marketing.

Example 2:

Sell your home at the best price in 3 steps

  1. Give us a call
  2. See your house shine on the market
  3. Say hello to your future


Example 3: 

Our 3-step plan to a renewed confidence

  1. Schedule a consultation
  2. Begin custom treatments
  3. Gain renewed confidence

Three feels complete. Adding more steps into the process makes it feel complicated, and complicated steps will always turn customers away. 

Section 5: Call to Action

There are two parts in this section, your primary and transitional CTA.

Primary CTA

Your primary CTAs are the basics:

  • Watch The Training Video
  • Give Us a Call
  • Schedule a Consultation

Transitional CTA

Your transitional CTAs are for customers that are not quite ready to buy into their success story yet. Not every button immediately calls them to action, but they're interested, and we should reward that.


  • Browse Our Services
  • Discover 5 Monsters That Devour Your Home's Equity
  • Download 9 Easy Yet Essential Skincare Routines PDF for FREE

This section puts the customer on the hot seat. How will they respond now that success is knocking on their doors?

Section 6: Ending in Success

This section emphasizes the success your customers will experience after choosing your brand. Make a list that ultimately outlines their aspirational identity - who do they want to be?


"Apply our timeless, science-based marketing programs to your business to increase your marketing’s effectiveness, your sales, and your impact on your family and community."

"Escape the stress and actually enjoy the home-selling process."

"In as little as 30 minutes, you’ll gain the energy to do what you love and the confidence to love how you look."

Section 7: That Helps Them Avoid Failure

On the other side of section 6 is this part where we focus on the tragedy. 

Your potential customers are looking at your brand trying to find a solution, but what they end up discovering is a story that tells them how life can end successfully or in failure. This important part of your marketing strategy should be a bit subtler than the others. 

Define the stakes that your potential customer faces when they don't end up working with you. Check out the subtlety from this StoryBrand BrandScript example:

"The oversaturated world of marketing makes connecting with your target audience extremely difficult. As a result, strategies that worked in the past are rocky at best, and marketing can feel like a game of chance."

Then they help customers avoid failure by saying:

"There’s an easier way to break through the noise and achieve consistent lift from your marketing."

Now you're curious because you just found out that you don't have to live with the prospect of failure. This is what this section is all about. 

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Our Takeaways From These StoryBrand Brandscript Examples

Businesses like yours exist to help your customers achieve success. But the problem is that there are a million brands that offer what you're offering. This pushes marketing efforts to take complicated routes and ends up achieving very little.

What a StoryBrand BrandScript does is to help businesses get to their core message by creating a story that feels familiar to their customers. A story helps them make sense of the world - the risks, the plan, the success, the failure.

While the rest of the world sits in complication, your brand can create something that's actually meaningful by creating your own BrandScript - your blueprint for creating a story that your customers will love to listen to.

A StoryBrand BrandScript helps you pin down exactly who your customers are and what they want. It opens up opportunities for you to establish yourself as the best solution for their problems, leading them to success and helping them avoid failure.

Creating a BrandScript Is Exactly What We Do

Schedule a call so we can set you up with your own BrandScript.

We were originally a StoryBrand-Certified Agency that has helped lots of companies simplify their marketing. The examples you saw in this article are from some of our previous clients.

If you want to apply the same changes for your brand, schedule a free consultation with us today!


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