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StoryBranding Exercise: How to Create Inviting Marketing Messages

There's no denying that marketing is a critical aspect of any business. But all too often, businesses focus on selling their products or services without taking the time to consider what they're saying. As a result, their marketing messages can come across as cold or uninviting.

When people feel like they're being talked down to or that the message is too sales-y, they're likely to tune out. However, if you take the time to craft a message that is both informative and persuasive, you'll be more likely to get people's attention.

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Creating Stand Out Brands Is Not About The Hustle

In a world where marketing messages bombard us from every direction, it's easy to get lost in the noise.

Marketing and advertising practitioners have been hustling to steal our attention, bombarding us with messages that often feel irrelevant and intrusive.

Creating stand out brands takes a different approach—one that focuses on authenticity and clarity.

Authentic brand identities are not built overnight.

They are the result of deep introspection and a clear understanding of your messaging. It's about knowing who you are as a business and what value you bring to the table. When you have a crystal-clear understanding of your unique selling proposition, it becomes easier to communicate it to your target audience.

Instead of trying to shout louder than the competition, it's time to shift your focus to serving your audience. Rather than bombarding them with messages that interrupt their day, create advertising messages that genuinely serve their needs and desires. This is where the power of the StoryBrand Framework comes into play.

Storybranding helps you craft marketing messages that engage and resonate with your audience.

By identifying their pain points and showing how your product or service can solve their problems, you create a connection that goes beyond a mere transaction. It's about building a relationship based on trust and understanding.

Creating stand out brands—that's not hustling, that comes out of serving. Take the time to clarify your messaging and understand what truly sets you apart. Use the StoryBrand Framework to craft marketing messages that resonate with your target market, addressing their needs and desires directly.

Remember, building authentic brand identities requires you to stand out from the crowd. By being clear about your messaging and creating advertising messages that genuinely serve your audience, you'll not only capture their attention but also build a loyal customer base that keeps coming back for more.

Let's create a brand that truly connects and makes a lasting impact.

In this blog post, we'll discuss some tips for making your marketing messages more inviting. Let's follow Donald Miller's StoryBrand Framework so you can apply these tips as you read. By following these tips, you'll be able to create messages that are more likely to resonate with your audience and generate results. So let's get started!

What's The StoryBrand Framework?

The StoryBrand Framework is a messaging roadmap based on the common elements found in mankind's favorite stories. Donald Miller, the author of Building a StoryBrand and founder of the marketing firm StoryBrand, noticed a pattern in almost all of the greatest stories ever told.

Most of them start with a hero who has a problem, and then he bumps into a guide who shows him a plan on how to achieve his goals. The guide then calls the hero to action, helps him avoid failure, and ultimately helps him succeed. Think about the relationship between Luke Skywalker and Master Yoda in the Star Wars Original Trilogy, or Katniss and Haymitch in the Hunger Games series.

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Miller says that your goal as a brand is to turn your message into your customer's story. The StoryBrand Framework is designed to invite them into trying your products and services because it's made especially for them. And when you read a story that's all about you, that message is not so easily ignored.

He says that stories have a way of appealing to the human brain unlike any type of information. He created the StoryBrand marketing roadmap through this framework so business leaders like you can reach your potential customers through stories that resonate with their needs, wants, and desires.

This framework is so effective that thousands of companies all over the world are now applying the principles of the StoryBrand Framework. Whether you're a multi-billion-dollar company or a local shop, you can improve your brand with the StoryBrand Framework.

You can ask for help from a StoryBrand Certified Agency to help you create more inviting messages or join a StoryBrand Marketing Workshop to get all the coaching you need in creating a clear message.

But before you get into all of those, let's talk about one tip that you can use on your own business today.

Create a Story Gap in Your Marketing Materials

If you're a real estate agent, for example, and you're not the only one in your town, the competition can be fierce. One way to stand out is to show up for your customers with a message that creates a story gap.

While others are so busy posting pictures of homes and buildings, you can use photos that create an aspiration identity - families that come together in the living room, people smiling with a good-looking neighborhood in the background. Envision what your customers will feel when they step into their own homes for the first time.

When you look at real estate websites these days, most of the time you'll see a bunch of people in suits doing power poses. Are we supposed to think that their fancy clothing and intimidating stance can build trust?

Creating a gap in this market means that you have to be brave enough to tell your customer's story and show them what they will feel like when they work with your firm. You can give them messages like:

  • Find The Home Where You Belong
  • Buy and Sell Your Home With Confidence
  • Find Your Dream Home Without The Hassle

Your customers' story begins with a gap, a need they need to address. When you show up as a brand that intends to solve their problem, they want to know if they can trust you, if you can actually deliver. 

The sales funnel works when you create the right gap - the people who don't need your brand opt-out, the right customers want to know more.

Clearly define what it is your customers want and how you will address it. Messages with a story gap make customers want to ask themselves - will this work? This tension now captures their attention. 

What you want to do next is to build trust, and that happens when you show them how they can achieve success. But you have to do it clearly or they'll lose interest before they figure out what you're trying to sell. Creating a gap is not enough, you have to tell this story in a simplified and clear message.


How to Simplify Your Brand Message?

Over the years, human beings have evolved. We now know that we can get the content we want on the Internet, and most of the time, ads are what's standing between us and the video we want to watch. Brands that use ads and show up with a confusing message get so easily ignored, it will be as if their ad never really happened.

Even when a prospect is intentionally looking for a business like yours, even if you have the best products and services on the market, your customers will choose the brand with a message that's clearer and easier to understand. The race is not to be the flashiest, it's to be the clearest and the simplest.

StoryBrand Certified Guides like us are trained to use the StoryBrand BrandScript to help businesses simplify their message. Your StoryBrand BrandScript is the blueprint of all your marketing messages. It clearly defines who your customers are and which messages do they identify with, so you can reach them with a story that makes sense.

This proven process has helped thousands of companies all over the world reach their ideal customers. It takes the pressure off from both the customer and the business because it helps create a message made especially for the people you serve. The most successful businesses of our generation thrived because they stopped appealing to everybody.

Coke can't possibly be appealing to someone who's super aware of their health and sugar levels. Pantene can't possibly resonate with bald people.

Donald Miller's book, Building a StoryBrand teaches us to simplify our message by defining what the customers want and how we're going to solve it. Start crafting a message that creates this gap and the right people will understand. Do it clearly and the right people can share it with other people who have the same needs.

StoryBrand offers a game-changing way to build our brand story - make it all about our customers. Your brand exists for them in the first place. But your story will only make sense when you clarify your message.

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Start Building Your Brand Story

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