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The 5 Best Offers To Put Behind CTAs


hand-computer-mouse.jpgYou got them to read your blog — huzzah! That’s half the battle.

Now, what’s next? Getting readers to engage.

Engagement leads website visitors (aka blog readers) through the buyer’s journey, your ultimate goal. 

How Do Readers ‘Engage’ With A Blog?

Engagement can be something as simple as a reader leaving a comment on your blog, or sharing your blog on social media.


But the best form of engagement is Call-to-Action clicks. I say “best” because CTA clicks most swiftly drive website visitors through the buyer’s journey.

So how do you get readers to click a CTA? Though wording, design and placement play a large role in CTA clickability, content remains king. If you aren’t backing up your CTAs with desirable content, no one will care — or click.


5 Totally Clickable Content Offers


The statistics on video consumption and influence are overwhelmingly positive. However, this one really says it all: “Enjoyment of video ads increase purchase intent by 97% and brand association by 139%.”


Webinars are similar to videos in format, except that they’re live and interactive. While webinars require greater investment both in time and money than other marketing efforts, they have one of the highest conversion rates.

See a nifty infographic on webinar success rates, here. 


Who doesn’t like free loot? Answer: No one.

Giveaways are a great way to garner leads and delight customers. Just remember to make the giveaway item(s) worth their time — and email addresses.

One giveaway campaign ROI coordinated for Proffer Surgical Associates in 2015 assisted in 78% of leads that entire year! See the details, here.


“As of mid-January 2016, Amazon’s US ebook sales were running at a rate of 1,064,000 paid downloads a day.” If consumers are willing to purchase ebooks on such a large scale, think of the potential influence a free ebook offer could have on your business. 


Excel sheet templates, email templates, vector graphics — all these free tools prove effective bait for leads while simultaneously nourishing existing customer relationships.

At 111 downloads since June 2016, ROI Online’s second highest performing content offer is our 5 Fabulous & FREE Script Font Pack. Talk about bang for your buck!

Have you had a super successful content offer of your own? Share your experience and expertise with us!


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