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The Definition of An Inbound Marketing Campaign - In Just 50 Words


As a HubSpot Partner Agency, our work heavily revolves around inbound marketing campaigns. However, if you are not in the digital marketing industry, that term may make you scrunch up your face in confusion.

When we hear the word campaign, it is usually associated with politics. In this case, it refers to a concentrated digital marketing strategy. HubSpot summed up an inbound marketing campaign in 100 words, but we thought we’d try and do it in 50.

I Want Unlimited Warm Leads!

Here is our definition of an inbound marketing campaign.

Inbound marketing campaigns are organized efforts that align all marketing activities around a single message and a specific objective. You promote an offer your audience deems valuable through relevant marketing channels, moving leads through the sales funnel and converting them to customers. You then measure and analyze the campaign’s results.

Bam! A 50-word definition of an inbound marketing campaign. And that only took us two attempts! (For the record, it was 49 words the first time.)


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