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The StoryBrand Template: Will It Work for Your Business?

Storytelling is not just for writers and Hollywood actors. Storytelling is a powerful tool that everyone can use to help them understand the world around them. It’s also one of the most critical ways we connect with other people. Every time you tell someone about your day or what happened at work, you're telling a story. That story may be full of emotion or drama, but chances are good there's also some humor in there as well.

If you think about how much storytelling goes on daily - not just in conversations but also advertisements and movies - you can see why the StoryBrand Framework was created: to help businesses tell their stories better so they could reach more customers and engage those customers more deeply.

I Want Unlimited Warm Leads!

What the StoryBrand Framework does is create a template that your brand can use to tell stories that resonate with your customer. It has helped Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, nonprofit organizations, and more. But the big question is - will it work with your brand?

You can start creating your StoryBrand BrandScript now with StoryBrand's free online form. Anyone can get access to their site and it's a good place to start if you want to clarify your brand message. 

Head over to StoryBrand's site now to get started. But if you want to make the best decision for your brad, read on. 

Where The Story Begins

StoryBrand uses story elements to help your business to reach your ideal customer through simple and clear messaging. Nothing captures the minds of ideal customers better than a story.

At the center of this approach is the StoryBrand Framework, a roadmap that your business can follow in creating effective marketing materials. This framework puts your customer as the hero of the story, your business as the guide, and makes it easier for your ideal customers to work with you.

This powerful framework has helped many businesses and organizations of any size. It works because it brings your brand's immediate value front and center in a way that turns potential customers into paying clients.

Most businesses love to talk about themselves, and this message easily turns customers away even when your brand is perfect for them. The StoryBrand Framework turns its back from all the complicated marketing materials and creates a message your customers love to hear.

A StoryBrand BrandScript Keeps Your Team on The Same Page

Have you ever had team members come to you confused about what they should be saying about your company or product? Perhaps team members are unsure of how to address a certain team, whether the company is now XYZ Corp., ABC Inc., or 123 LLC. If so, you might need a StoryBrand BrandScript for your team! 

Your BrandScript will help team members create messages that are easier to understand, which boosts team productivity. 

Teams and companies who have adopted the StoryBrand Framework saw lots of internal improvements. Collaboration is much more inclusive, meetings are shorter, and interactions they have with customers are more cohesive.

If team members are confused, then they will likely send confusing emails and bring out uncertain messages. Creating a BrandScript is the solution to this common team issue!

Your team doesn't have to feel limited by its vocabulary when it's part of your company. With a StoryBrand BrandScript, team members can communicate in ways that are easier to understand and more collaborative.

Whether you just assembled your team or you've been working alongside each other for years, your team can always pick up a good practice or two when your messages follow the StoryBrand Framework. 

Your team might be thinking, "we're all on the same team," but that doesn't mean you are all saying the same thing. If team members are using vague or confusing language when they talk about your team or company, then team morale could start to slip.

A StoryBrand BrandScript will keep team members aligned while also avoiding team communication breakdowns.

If team members have an issue with communicating your business to partners and customers, they should be able to talk to each other within reason by referencing your BrandScript. Team communication will improve when team members speak the same language about a company or product.

The StoryBrand Framework Helps You Deliver Better Products/Services

Customers want to buy products and services that create value for them. They want life-changing experiences which is why they're willing to spend time and money on solutions they believe will improve their lives in some way.

These customers also have a wide range of choices, so your ability to set yourself apart from competitors requires you to make it easy for customers to quickly understand what you stand for, why customers should choose you over others, and how customers can immediately start experiencing your products/services.

The StoryBrand Framework helps businesses develop a single, clear message about who they are and what customers they were created to serve. Customers then find it easier to buy because they know exactly where to go online or in-person to get the products or services that are going to make their lives better.

Your StoryBrand BrandScript will help you to define the ideal customer for your company. This way, your marketing feels more relatable or personal. Your brand is easier to talk to or work with.

Once you've created a simpler message, it will help your satisfied customers spread the word about your business. In spreadsheet terms, you'll be increasing your leads and yield more website visits. In more concrete terms, you've created a way for your brand to deliver better products and services. This is the StoryBrand effect not a lot of people don't notice.

The brand website you just created with the StoryBrand template does more than just bring in more leads or create milestones in sales. The StoryBrand approach to marketing helps your business create a lasting impression in the minds of your customers. You can start to create a ripple effect that changes things for the better because you needed to make better things.

What started as a process to create a StoryBrand website may end up bringing in more visitors. The momentum will create more conversions and conversations about your brand.

You Seek Guidance From Experts 

StoryBrand may be a relatively new approach to the marketing process, and people tend to think that something new needs to be proven first before they can try it. But the fact is, this approach to creating simpler messages is just based on the basic elements of a good story. 

If you want to make sure you're doing it right, ask for guidance from a StoryBrand Certified Guide. 

A StoryBrand Guide is an individual trained in the ways of StoryBrand. Like a Mr. Miyagi to your Danny LaRusso, or a Yoda to your Luke Skywalker. A StoryBrand Certified Guide will help you create a BrandScript, and help you create an outline for your StoryBrand website. 

Creating a clear message for your company is more art than science, but there are a lot of ways you can do it wrong. Seek the guidance of your sensei, the StoryBrand Certified Guide, to help you take a proven marketing approach. 


Why It's Important to Get a Guide?

StoryBrand Framework experts have pages of experience under their belt. When an individual has spent hours using simpler words to make marketing resources for brands, they only get better the more they do it. Make sure to pick one who has created the results you want to see. 

Even the simplest details in your website like the call to action can make a big difference in customer engagement. You can throw all the money in the world into a project. If you're doing it wrong, no one will notice your product or service.  

To the untrained eye, a call to action button at the bottom of a company website is just an effort to sell. In the hands of a StoryBrand certified guide, a call to action is the fork in the road, a challenge to the customer to create something of him/herself by making a decision. 

There's a rich amount of resources you can use to learn how to reach more clients. But resources pale in comparison to the hands-on experience that an experienced guide possesses. A StoryBrand  Guide can take you through the right process, a beaten path that ensures your success. Look for someone who has clients similar to your line of work. They can help you create a site that presents your brand in the simplest way and brings the solution your clients want to see. 

Apart from knowing your business well, they should be able to provide you with a great example of what a storybrand website looks like. Storybrand experts have an arsenal of tools they use to create a captivating website, drive in more sales, automate your marketing, and make the most out of your social media. 

As they get technical with your website, you can trust them to make it simple for you and stay consistent with the good story your business is trying to tell. 

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Let's Talk About Your StoryBrand Website for a Second 

Your website is the online version of your storefront. It's the first thing your customer sees when they bump into your company. One of the most amazing things that the StoryBrand approach does to its clients is to help them create a website that presents your brand in a crisp and clean manner. 

Your StoryBrand Website is the only way you can explain your brand in length. Investing in one can help your company stand out in the competition.

It follows the same marketing framework and invites the customer to a story that positions your services as the best solution for your customer's problems.

We May Know a Guy 

(Or A Whole Team Of Guys and Gals Trained In The StoryBrand Marketing Framework)

If you want your team to stay on the same page and reap the benefits of a clear communication network, the StoryBrand Framework will work for your business.

If you want your customers to spread the word about your brand so you can deliver your products and services to more people, this Framework is the perfect marketing roadmap for you. 

If you want to seek the guidance of experienced marketing experts, a good place to start is with a StoryBrand Guide. 

We were one of the first StoryBrand Certified Agencies that offer a range of expertise that can help your business thrive. 

We've helped different kinds of clients come up with a good story that places their brand in the minds of their customers. Whether you're a small business, a fresh brand that wants to change the culture, a nonprofit with a dedication that makes the world a better place, or a big company that's been here for a long time. We can help you capture your customers' focus with simple messages that work. 

One of the best ways to get started is through the StoryBrand Workshop. It’s an interactive two-day workshop where you can get guidance from a StoryBrand Certified Guide. Learn how you can apply the StoryBrand Framework to your business, and start engaging with your ideal customers. 

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I Want Unlimited Warm Leads!

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