Tighten Your Marketing Message Through The StoryBrand One-Liner

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Do you struggle with your marketing messages? Do you feel like your messages are not flowing into the minds of potential customers? If so, then this blog post is right up your alley.

Here, we will introduce the StoryBrand One-Liner strategy to help tighten up any marketing message that you have. This blog post will also give examples of how these one-liners can be used in various situations.


What Is a StoryBrand One-Liner?

Many business owners struggle to explain how their products help resolve a customer's problem. The one-liner is an improved way of answering the question “What do you do?” 

It’s more than just a tagline; it’s a statement that helps people understand exactly what problems your products or services solve. This helps brands tell their potential customer how their offering (or service) can transform the customer's life.

Just like the StoryBrand Framework, crafting your One-Liner has several parts. It has to have a target audience(The Character), a Problem that your customer is struggling with, your Plan on how you can help them, and the success they achieve with your help.


Part One of Your StoryBrand One-Liner: The Character

Similar to creating a StoryBrand BrandScript, you have to identify who your character is and what they want to achieve. This means that you have to define exactly who your customers are in order to narrow down your target audience. Knowing your target audience makes it easier for you to say the right things that your potential customers can relate to.


Part Two of Your StoryBrand One-Liner: The Problem

Defining the problems of your customers opens a story loop in their minds. This can leave them wondering how your brand can help them deal with this problem. Once you’ve opened a story loop, they’ll be looking to you to help them find a resolution.


Part Three of Your StoryBrand One-Liner: The Plan

It may be impossible to fit your entire plan into a single line. However, you must do your best to communicate brand awareness and give customers a glimpse of how you are going to help them.


Part Four of Your StoryBrand One-Liner: Success

The success part of your one-liner is where you show customers what their life would be like after doing business with you. Putting all the four parts together not only shows a picture of success to your customers, but it will also bring success to your brand.

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Tips on How to Write a Killer StoryBrand One-Liner

Is there anything more engaging than a well-told story? Stories capture our attention and keep us hooked until the very end. They're perfect for marketing materials because they help us connect with customers on a personal level, and convince them to take action. If you want to create a killer one-liner that hooks your audience, follow these tips:

  • 1. Keep it short - the one-liner should be between 15 and 18 words, so write as many drafts as you need to get this down to the right amount.
  • 2. Focus on benefits, not features - your story should describe how your product or service will make customers' lives better. It's about what it can do for them, rather than what you do.
  • 3. Don't use jargon -  keep the story simple, because it should be easy for your audience to understand. If they can't follow along with what you're saying, then you've lost them and the story won't work.
  • 4. Make it personal - your story should be about a real person, not a company or product. This will make it more relatable and engaging for customers.
  • 5. Practice, practice, practice! - like any good storyteller, you'll need to rehearse your one-liner until it sounds natural and confident.

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Where to Use Your One-Liner to Convert More Customers?

One of the most difficult tasks for any marketer is figuring out where to place their one-liner in order to convert more customers. Too often, we place it in places that don't get the results we're hoping for. Here are the two effective locations for your one-liner that are guaranteed to help you increase your conversion rate:


Social Media Profile

Your social media profiles can be a place for branding. Social media profiles are a great place to put your one-liner because they're visible to potential customers. It's also a good way to remind current customers what you do and how you can help them. On Instagram, for example, you can put your one-liner in a bio with a link to learn more about the products or services that you offer.


Your Email Signature

Your email signature can also be another place for branding and connecting with current customers. Add an image of your logo alongside the one-liner so it's clear what business you're in when they receive your email.


Want to See Some Examples?

Getting customers to understand what you do is the first step in converting them into customers. Here are some examples of brands that have done a great job at putting their one-liner on social media and email signatures:

"We help you find your voice and tell your story." (from Voices.com)

"We make it easy for you to create beautiful websites that work perfectly on any device." (from Squarespace)

"We turn your website into a powerful marketing tool." (from Web.com)

"We make the complex simple." (from Mint)

"We believe in the power of great design to change lives for the better." ( from Goodby Silverstein & Partners)

Many businesses spend too much time creating and marketing something they don't really need. If you're having trouble coming up with a one-liner, don't worry! You can always work with a marketing agency to help you develop one that will be sure to convert more customers.

Looking for a marketing agency that focuses on creating killer one-liners? Contact us today and our entire team will be happy to help! We help businesses clarify their marketing message and craft a strategy that allows them to reach the right customers in the right way.

Structure Your One-Liner With Us Today!

Every company has a story. It’s up to you to decide what that story is and how it should be told. The StoryBrand One-Liner system will help you create the perfect one-sentence pitch for your company, which can then be used in all marketing endeavors—from email campaigns to website copywriting.

And because this one line needs nothing more than an introduction, it also makes the perfect elevator pitch! If you want some inspiration or ideas on where else these quick pitches could come in handy, sign up for our upcoming StoryBrand Workshop. If you are excited to build your own StoryBrand one-liner, sign up for the next StoryBrand Workshop with us today by clicking the link below.

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