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Weekly Mashup: Best in Show at Mobile World Congress 2015

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Weekly-Mashup_blogMobile World Congress kicked off at the beginning of this week, and there certainly isn’t a shortage in phone-gadgetry news coming out of Barcelona. Since MWC dominated the tech headlines this week, we'll just review some of the top devices.

Phone Wars

Samsung’s longstanding position as the leader in smartphone sales has been usurped by no other than Apple, according to a Gartner Research report. Apple was only ahead of Samsung by 1.8 million in Q4 2014 sales with 74.8 million smartphones. However, for the year in total, Samsung actually sold more phones than Apple, with 307.6 million units to 191 million units, respectively.

On the bright side for Samsung, its Galaxy S6 is one of the most raved about devices to come out of MWC this year. It’s slick, sharp and boasts the best selfie capability.

Blackberry is releasing the Leap, a keyboardless phone with a 5-inch screen. Designed with a young, professional user in the mind, the Leap also boasts an 8-megapixel camera, battery meant to last up to 25 hours and a bevy of security features, such as encryption support and malware protection.

Watch Out

What makes the Huawei Watch so much cooler than all the other smartwatches on the market? It actually looks like a watch and you can customize it by color, band and watch face. Compatible with Android Wear software, people who don the fancy timepiece will be able to get texts, check email, view calendars, play with apps, track health stats and receive phone call notifications.


Bike of the Future

Ever get lost on your bike courier route? If so, no reason to fret. Ford has introduced two electric bicycles, the MoDe:Me and MoDe:Pro as part of their "Handle on Mobility" experiment. Once connected with your smartphone, they provide navigational prompts through the handlebars. The grips will vibrate when you need to turn, warn you of impending  hazards, charge your phone and communicate with other vehicles and public transportation.

The app-powered e-bikes, which are just prototypes right now, will even pedal themselves when your heart rate increases so you won’t have to show up to your A.M. meeting soaked in sweat. 


That’s it for ROI Online’s Weekly Mashup. Check back next week for the latest and greatest in tech, social media and marketing news!

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