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Weekly Mashup: Facebook Retires 'Other' Inbox & Snapchat Adds New Video Effects

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Interesting tech, marketing and social media news was a bit scant this week. Plus, I ran out of time! Here’s what caught my eye over the past few days. 

Snapchat, Skype Add New Video Features

Snapchat has unveiled yet another fun, yet gratuitous feature. Using Speed Modifiers, iOS and Android users can add special effects to their videos. Speed up, slow down, fast forward or rewind with a simple swipe of the finger.


Snapchat, which is the third most popular social media app among millennials, also released 3D Touch capability on the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. These updates come just a month after Snapchat's  Lenses feature. If you have yet to vomit rainbows and have no clue what I'm talking about, it's what your coworker is doing when you catch them taking a selfie of themselves with their mouth open. 

While we are on the topic of video filters, we must mention Skype’s latest update. Skype added 11 new video filters, including a negative filter and floating teddy bears. One could say the filters are very similar to Snapchat’s. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery after all.

Facebook Drops The ‘Other’ Inbox

Thank the Facebook gods! The Other inbox message folder has been killed. And I don’t think a single Facebook user is mourning its death.

While it was helpful in the fact it stored spammy and often creepy messages from Facebook strangers, important messages from non-friends could easily get lost. For example, I didn’t see that the owner of a dog I found had messaged me until nearly two days later or that one of my bridesmaid’s mothers requested wedding photos, six months after the fact. 

The new messaging system permits users to search anyone by name and send them a message. The recipient can then accept or ignore the message. What’s even better is that if you do choose to dismiss a message, the sender will never be the wiser.

Messages from friends and phone contacts will appear in your inbox. For any other sender, the message will be sent as a request unless it is identified as spam.

Facebook this week also showed off its new share extension. Users can now share third-party app news and updates directly back to Facebook. While this feature has been available, it has not proven easy to use.

You can tag friends, share the post publicly or privately and choose who you share the content with (e.g. group of friends, one friend, etc).

Facebook Messenger is the second most popular app in the U.S., with 700 million active users as of June 2015.

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