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Weekly Mashup: Snapchat, Google+ Get Facelifts, And Meerkat Launches Developer API

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Weekly-Mashup_blog.jpgThis week, Meerkat wriggles its way back from the Twitter breakup, Google+ gets a new look and Snapchat updates Discover.

Meerkat Opens Up

How does Meerkat get Twitter back for stabbing it in the back? By being the better “man,” it seems. Instead of snubbing developers, Meerkat is welcoming them with open arms by officially launching a developer platform and API.

Third party developers, of which there are 37 so far, can partner with Meerkat to build a variety of tools. Meerkat Stats, an analytics app, and Katch, a live streaming video app, are just two examples.

Google+ Meets Pinterest

Google+ has introduced a new content curation feature, aptly called Collections. Users can create collections of content based on certain interests, topics or even people (umm, hello, Jon Snow collection!).

Users can follow collections of their google-collections.png

liking and share them publicly or privately. And, just like with Pinterest, you can customize your collection with unique names and eye-catching cover photos.

Discover’s Not Dead

Back in January we predicted Snapchat’s Discover wouldn’t last. Well, it’s still going, but not going strong. Viewership for the media play feature is down 30-50 percent since its launch earlier this year, and daily views are plummeting. One partner estimated only 100 million or so Snapchat users actually visited Discover.

With the app’s most recent update, it’s apparent Snapchat is hanging on to Discover for dear life. Users can now send snaps of Discover photos and videos to friends.

Snapchat Discover is also planning to play 10-second ads in between articles and videos, costing advertisers like the Daily Mail two pennies a pop.

That’s it for ROI Online’s Weekly Mashup. Check back next week for the latest and greatest in tech, social media and marketing news!

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