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Weekly Mashup: TV's First Live Ad, Apple Partners With Pinterest, Amazon's New Giveaway Service And More

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Weekly-Mashup_blogNew features, tools and updates galore this week in the tech and marketing worlds. Here’s what made the cut on ROI Online’s Weekly Mashup.

And The Grammy Goes To...

Target went for content marketing gold when it aired TV’s first live commercial during Sunday’s Grammy Awards. Starring Imagine Dragons, the 4-minute commercial shot in Las Vegas supposedly cost $8 million. According to the mass of positive tweets about it, that $8 mil paid off.

Target bought eight, 30-second spots and combined them to make one, 4-minute commercial. This is content marketing at its best. It’s clever, unique and enjoyable. Carrying the hashtag #MoreMusic, the real-time concert didn’t even push Target products. It just promoted the release of the exclusive deluxe edition of Imagine Dragon’s album “Smoke & Mirrors,” and left all the other traditional commercials in the dust. Target, FTW.


iOS Overhaul

A new Apple report states iOS 9 will focus on optimizing performance and improving system stability rather than introducing several new features, aka, "We're going to fix all those bugs and not worry about fancy features." The Cupertino company also hopes to reduce the update's download size. Many users complained, and even sued, Apple because of how much storage the last update ate up. Poor battery life was another criticism. No official release date has been announced, but in typical Apple fashion, the company will most likely show it off at WWDC 2015 in June and release it to the public in the fall.


Also in Apple news, the company has teamed up with everyone’s favorite bookmarking site to bring us App Pins. With App Pins, users can click the Install button, view the App Store sheet via Pinterest and download an app to their iOS device (sorry, Androiders) without being redirected to another site. The point? To ease the beleaguering process of discovering relevant apps. For example, if you have a Wanderlust Board and are pinning an article about packing tips, you can easily find and download a packing list app right on Pinterest rather than attempting to filter through the 1.4. million apps in the App Store. Mobile users make up 75% of Pinterest activity, so it seems this partnership could prove advantageous for both parties.

Giving Is Better Than Receiving

The word “giveaway” is used more than a million times a day on social media, according to Amazon, which is why it launched its new tool, Amazon Giveaway. As of Tuesday, this platform allows people to host giveaways on the online retailer’s site. This is beneficial for businesses and bloggers who are aiming to attract more followers and spread brand awareness. In just three simple steps, you can set up a promotional sweepstakes. All you have to do is pay for the item; Amazon does the rest (i.e. running the giveaway, notifying winners, shipping, tax reporting).

Honorable Mention

Lovebook, a new service that helps singles find their match made in Facebook heaven with targeted ads. A little more creepy than cute, IMHO.

That’s it for ROI Online’s Weekly Mashup. Check back next week for the latest and greatest in tech, social media and marketing news!

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