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Weekly Mashup: What Snapchat's New Emojis Mean, A New Social Network & More

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A while back, Snapchat made the poor decision to eliminate its "best friends" feature, causing a hissy fit among users. If you’ve been Snapchatting this week, which we know you have, then you have likely noticed the new emojis next to the names of your fellow chatters.

These are basically Snapchat's way of saying, "We're sorry. We screwed up. We hope you will accept our new social hierarchy." If Snapchat’s new emojis have you flummoxed, though, no worries. We have a brief explanation for them all.

Screen_Shot_2015-04-10_at_8.41.41_AMThe flame means you are on a Snapstreak (you and this person have snapped each other for consecutive days.)

Screen_Shot_2015-04-10_at_8.41.12_AMThis yellow heart means this person is your #1 best friend and you are that person’s BFF, too.

Screen_Shot_2015-04-10_at_8.41.36_AMThe smiley face is a best friend.

Screen_Shot_2015-04-10_at_8.41.17_AMA traitor! Your #1 best friend is this person’s #1 best friend. 

Screen_Shot_2015-04-10_at_8.41.22_AM The sunglasses emoiji means you share a best friend with this person.

Screen_Shot_2015-04-10_at_8.41.31_AMA smirk means someone thinks you are their best friend but you aren’t theirs. Oopsies. 

Shop In A Dash

Amazon’s newest contraption, the Dash Button, allows consumers to automatically place orders. Using a Wi-Fi connection to connect to Amazon, the hand-held fob scans barcodes and recognizes speech so you can easily place an order and arrange delivery.

A New Social Network


Meet Friendsy, the newest social network just for college students. Created by two Princeton chaps, the app’s aim is to connect students in a secure and exclusive way, whether it is to hang out or hook up. In just the couple of weeks since its national launch, Friendsy has attracted more than 45,000 users.

Everybody is comparing Friendsy to Tinder and the original version of Facebook. Remember when you had to have a .edu email address to sign up for The Facebook? That may have been before your time.

With Friendsy, you can filter profile results by campus, gender, major, year or group, so if you have a thing for 20-year-old Puppetry majors, you’re in luck. 

In Other Social News

  • You can now retweet with comments on Twitter.
  • Madonna’s Meerkat video premiere was a huge fail.
  • With Instagram’s latest update, you can subscribe to posts from other users and access two new editing tools: Fade and Color.
  • For a whopping $1.5 billion, LinkedIn purchased online learning company, Lynda

That’s it for ROI Online’s Weekly Mashup. Check back next week for the latest and greatest in tech, social media and marketing news!

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