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What Goes Into A Successful Marketing Campaign?

Successful Inbound Marketing Campaign Concept. Leads Generation, Convert Strangers to Promoters

As a solo entrepreneur you have probably heard about marketing campaigns and either left clueless about what the heck entails a marketing campaign, or what it takes to run one successfully. 

When you think of campaigns, you may think of the traditional campaigns that we see on tv that companies spend millions of dollars on. I’m here to tell you that (thankfully) you don’t need to dump loads of money to run a campaign that works.

Campaigns are quite simple, actually, but it does take some time to strategize to put an effective campaign together. 

With the being said, today we’re going to cover what goes into an effective campaign that you can run for your business.

But first… let’s quickly cover what a campaign actually is.

The Goal Of A Strategic Marketing Campaign

Let’s keep it short and simple. You should think of a campaign as strategy of marketing your premium product or services to customers. This premium product/service centers around a landing page, which is the heart of your campaign. 

This is where customers will fill out a form so you can gather their contact information and nurture them into eventual customers. 

That’s it. That’s what a campaign is. 

One of our bread and butter services is the ROI QuickStart, where we utilize StoryBrand and HubSpot to help clarify your messaging, build you a great marketing and sales automation system, and launch a strategic campaign. This ultimately gives you a holistic business growth machine in 120 days.

To learn more about how strategic campaigns fit into your overall business strategy, get your copy of The Golden Toilet, available for free on Audible when you sign up for a 30-day trial membership!

Amazon Audible The Golden Toilet cta

Now that you know the purpose of a strategic campaign, it’s time to take a closer look. This is the simple 3 step process we follow to turn out ROI QuickStart into an automated, lead-generating magnet.

Our 3-Step Strategic Campaign Process

1. Base Your Campaign Around A Premium Product/Service

In our example: we used an email to promote our premium service, The ROI QuickStart.

Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 3.41.48 PM

How did the email benefit readers? By quickly explaining how our QuickStart can help entrepreneurs turn their website into business growth system in just 120 days:


ROI QuickStart out reach email 1

ROI QuickStart out reach email 2
And at the end of the email, we place a CTA that takes the reader to a customized landing page:

QuickStart email screen shot email 4

That should be the anatomy of your premium offer to initiate your strategic campaign. 

This could be a book you’ve written, a fantastic blog, a podcast, video, white paper, the list goes on. But again, the focus here is center your video for example, around your product or service to raise awareness for it.

If you have an educational video, put it on Youtube, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. and make sure you provide a link to a landing page that’s specific to that service or product. Either at the end of the video, or in the comment section.

You see the trend? Just make sure that what you’re offering will be beneficial to who it concerns and you have a link or CTA to send them to a specific offer on a specific landing page.

2. Create A Clearly Defined Landing Page

As I said before, your landing page is the heart of your campaign. Of course your premium service is the most important piece, but your customers need to go somewhere to get that premium service or product. This is where the landing page comes in. 

First, your landing page needs to be tied to a CTA or link. The CTA is a call to action button to entice visitors to visit your landing page and get the offer. Make sure your CTA is specific, and stands out on the page:

Download our QuickStart plan cta

That's the CTA that links our email which is marketing our premium service, the ROI QuickStart to our landing page. 

Now, let's break down how to make a simple but effective landing page.

First, make sure the message on your landing page matches what the customer came to the landing page for. This is why a landing page can be so effective, because it’s specifically tailored to what the customer seeks. 

You want to also highlight the pain point your customer is facing, or solution they want.

QuickStart landing page headliner

After you have this nailed down, use the body of the landing page to concisely explain what you are offering. Focus on keeping your copy as clear as possible. 

Roi online quickstart copy example

Once you have your copy, put your form together. This is where the landing page produces its value to you. 

Customers come for a specific problem to get solved and will exchange their information for it. Don’t make your forms too long. You don’t want to put unnecessary hurdles for your customers to jump through to purchase. That’s a bad idea. 

Typically all you need is a first name, last name, and email to continue lead nurturing. 

QuickStart landing page form

As a bonus, you can even put a video on your landing page.

HubSpot Video

In fact, I would recommend that if you can, that you use a video on your landing page, because a video  can help you explain your service/product more in depth. It can also help your page look cleaner because it has less copy, making it easier for your customers to navigate. 

Video will soon be the way of the marketing world, if it isn’t already. Here are just a few video statistics:

  • -Mobile video usage has increased by nearly 10 million daily viewing minutes in the last two years.  (Kleiner Perkins)
  • -Cisco projects that global internet traffic from videos will make up 82% of all consumer internet traffic by 2021.  (Cisco)
  • -In a 2018 HubSpot survey, 54% of consumers wanted to see more video content from a brand or business they support.  (HubSpot)

Now, here’s the last part of your campaign:

3. End With A Simple Thank You Page / Follow Up Email

The last part of your campaign is in the form of a thank you page or follow up email.

Here's the thank you page we have tied to our landing page.

QuickStart thank you page example

There’s nothing too fancy here. A basic thank you message will do. And if you want, add some additional value by providing a link to your blog, video, or the like:

QuickStart thank you page example 2

Think about something that will add additional benefits to your customer. Linking to a FAQ's page, or resources page is a great add on!

Outside of a thank you page, a follow up email is another form the last leg of your campaign. You usually want to use a follow up email when there is a downloadable offer. Think of a downloadable white paper, free chapter from your book, pdf, etc.

The focus of the email is to give the customer the offer: 

QuickStart follow up email example

For the copy in the follow up email, briefly explain what the customer will receive with their downloadable asset. Or focus on further insinuating the problem your customer is facing, this helps drives your solution home. And at the end of the email, use the last bit of your campaign  to give your customer a direct call to action, such as scheduling a strategy session for example:  


QuickStart follow up email example

Create An Effective Strategic Marketing Campaign To Help Grow Your Business!

Here are the key takeaways to run an effective campaign:

  1. Consider a premium offer or product you want to market, and put the offer behind a form. This can be a book, article, video, podcast, infographic, etc.

  2. Tie the premium offer or product to a landing page. Make sure your landing page is clear, immediately highlights the problem your customers are looking to get solved, or solution, and consider using a video on the page as well.

  3. Follow up with a simple thank you page, follow-up email, or both. Remember, there are still ways to add additional value here. Think about linking to additional resources, FAQ page, or informative video. Anything helps!

You should not be intimidated about putting  a campaign together. Don’t view it as a complicated process. At the very least, think of your campaign as a way to market your campaign and get customers in contact with you. 

From there, you can win them over. That’s it. 

If you would like to discuss where we as a marketing company can help you run consistent successful campaigns, schedule a free consultation below. We would love to talk!

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