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What Is IGTV & How Can You Use It For Your Business?

If you are a business owner or manage the marketing at your company, you are probably overwhelmed by all of the changes you see on social media. One of the latest updates is to Instagram. Instagram recently rolled out IGTV, which can feature full-screen, hour-long videos.

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What Is IGTV?

Why did Instagram create IGTV? Essentially, to remove long-from videos stories from your newsfeed. That’s right, I said newsfeed.

Do you remember circa 2011 when Instagram was a picture-sharing platform? No video, no video snips — just pictures. Its big brother Facebook previously followed that same format, but due to shifts in consumer behavior, we must create video content to complement their algorithm.

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As a social media director, I believe Facebook built IGTV just for that reason — so that photos will stay in your newsfeed and videos will remain on Instagram Stories and IGTV.

You’re probably shaking your head and wondering, “How in the world am I supposed to keep up with this and Insta Stories?”

If you’re already producing videos for your business, it really isn’t more work. Rather, it’s just another platform to post on and more opportunities for exposure. That’s a good thing!

How To Use IGTV

Here are a few creative ways to produce content for IGTV.

1. Use a video you already have.

Have a video on YouTube that’s been a top performer? Great! Make sure you incorporate it into your IGTV strategy. My best piece of advice is to make sure the video is optimized for mobile. When it’s not optimized for mobile, it can appear blurry or oddly cropped, which makes for a poor user experience.

2. Use your phone.

Being a modern marketer is easier than you think! That phone you use every day isn’t just for chatting with friends and family. New mobile devices have fantastic camera and video function. Use them!

However, if you do have a high-quality camera, that’s also a terrific option. Check out our camera-settings guide for expert tips.

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While Instagram Stories will remain live action and raw, make sure your IGTV videos are a little more polished. I’m not saying you need lights and a whole camera crew, but you should invest in a tripod to stabilize your video. You don’t want your viewers getting motion sickness, do you?

You should also download an editing app on your phone to trim clips or add simple graphics. This article includes 10 of the best video editing apps for iPhones and Androids.

If you want to capitalize on video, IGTV is a new and popular feature for your business to try. Have questions about IGTV or other social media platforms? Ask in the comments below!

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