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What to Expect from My New Book, The Golden Toilet


There are approximately 300 billion marketing books in the world (I may be undershooting the estimate here, but bear with me).

There are marketing books by growth hackers, SEO hackers, hack hackers...well, you get the picture. I won’t say it’s genre full of hacks, but I will say this: When it comes to marketing books, few and far between are the genuine attempts to teach the reader how to do what the author claims without any ulterior motive. 

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That's why I wrote The Golden Toilet: Because I see too many small business owners messing up on this whole marketing thing, and too many books that don’t actually help them do it.


Now, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t care about getting new clients from this, but that's only the secondary expectation.

My biggest expectation is to teach you.

Here are 8 other things you can expect from The Golden Toilet:

1. Expect to Be Challenged

Early on in the book, you’ll learn that the way you’re thinking about your website is all wrong. You should be thinking about it as a system—a content management system, to be precise. Most small business owners view their website as an online brochure.

I call these golden toilet websites: they’re sparkly and usually look good, but they’re useless for the potential customers who need a guiding hand to find what they need. More often than not, the sunk cost fallacy keeps you from transforming your website into a hub where potential customers can interact with your content library.

But that's what you need to do.

2. Expect to Be Encouraged

I believe you're a hero.

First off, anyone who decides to start a business is a hero. Secondly, anyone who decides to be better in any way is also a hero.

Expect to be treated like a hero in The Golden Toilet.

As such, I promise that if you pick up the book because you're tired of wasting precious time and money on a golden toilet of a website, and you follow the principles in the book, you can expect to grow your business.

3. Expect to Actually Find Useful Information

Most marketing books are little more than sales pitches. Again, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to help even more clients, but this is more important than that. I’m giving you all the tools you need to do this on your own.

Expect to learn a system that will guide potential customers from not knowing who you are to clicking one of your links, to making a purchase.

Of course, if you want help beyond that, I’ll always be glad to provide it.

4. Expect to Laugh 

If you ask my staff, they’ll probably tell you I'm not much of a comedian. I take offense to this, because I think my dad jokes are some of the best in Northern Texas.

Luckily, for whatever reason, my unique brand of humor seems to translate to the page really well. And sure, I can’t expect you to actually laugh out loud while reading the book, but at the very least you’ll get some lol-worthy moments. (I mean lol in the “quickly exhaling out of your nose in appreciation” sense––who the hell actually laughs out loud when they lol? Sociopaths, that’s who.)

Anyway, you’ve read enough marketing books to know how dry they can be. In The Golden Toilet, you’ll get enough personality and life to keep you interested in what could easily be a rote, paint-by-the-numbers subject.

5. Expect to Have Your Preconceived Notions About Marketing Transformed

A lot of people obsess over SEO, keywords, and websites. There's nothing inherently wrong with those things––they’re important elements of marketing. But just like Morpheus in “The Matrix,” I’m going to offer you the truth...nothing more.

SEO is the snake oil of the tech era.

Expect to have your heart broken as you realize how much unnecessary thought and effort you’ve put into Search Engine Optimization. Expect to learn about H2H marketing: Human to Human connections instead of trying to appeal to a search engine.

After all: people buy your products, not search engines.

6. Expect to Learn the Keys to Impactful Messaging for Your Business

Our minds are constantly on the hunt for threats. That threat-detecting system in our minds is what I call our old brain: the part that kept us safe when we were cavemen, waiting by the fire to strike out on our next hunt. The old brain is ever-vigilant in its threat detection.

These days, that same part of the brain tells your customers when an email, blog, or video is a waste of time—it’s trying to protect their well-being by leading them away from bad content.

I’ll teach you how to zero in on your messaging so you can get past that old brain threat-detection system.

7. Expect to Learn How to Harness the Power of Automation

A lot of business owners focus on Facebook ads, social media posts, and (again) SEO for their strategic campaigns. But they neglect the most important part: the landing page.

The landing page is the hub for all of your strategic campaigns.

In The Golden Toilet, I'll show you how to round up potential customers, send them to a quality landing page, and get them in your funnel to solve their problems. 

You’ll get a breakdown of marketing automation, sales automation, and effective strategic campaigns that you can set on autopilot to find, sell, and keep customers.

8. Expect to Stop Caring About SEO

I don’t expect everyone who reads this book to come work with me—in fact, that wouldn't be helpful for anyone.

Instead, my expectation is to change the way you view your marketing. Rather than a series of marketing tricks and SEO shortcuts, I want you to see your website (and marketing at-large) as an engine that brings you customers while you sleep.

Read The Golden Toilet 

Of all the expectations for what you learn in my book, the one thing you shouldn’t expect is for any of this to be particularly easy.

It’s hard to set up a marketing system, even if you know exactly how to do it. That’s why ROI Online helps you zero in on your messaging using the StoryBrand framework, and dial in your marketing automation, sales automation, and strategic campaigns.

Schedule a consultation to learn more.

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