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What To Expect With ROI's QuickStart Plan


Signing up for ROI Online’s ROI Quickstart is an exciting process and a unique part of the experience at our agency.

We understand there’s a lot to take in when researching the ROI QuickStart, so before you sign that contract you may be wondering, “What will I leave with at the end of this engagement?”

ROI QuickStart Breakdown

With the ROI QuickStart, you work with a team of StoryBrand and HubSpot experts that sets your business up for success. In addition to a new website, content, and a lead-generating campaign, you will learn how to utilize the HubSpot CRM, optimize your sales process, and receive supplementary training from our team. Ultimately, you end up with a leapfrog experience and a return on your investment in just 120 days.

After your initial sales call(s) with Steve, you will have an onboarding meeting and intake interview with your designated project manager. That’s right, you will have your very own PM who will keep you up-to-date on everything, from meeting times and agendas to your project’s progress and overall marketing strategy!

“”Next, we either build a brand-new BrandScript for you or polish an existing one. Why does this matter? Our team is a StoryBrand Certified Agency, so we know our stuff! We have helped several clients generate a clear and concise message that resonates with their customers.

We will use your BrandScript to craft content for your website and the other marketing materials outlined in the ROI QuickStart. We’ll also create a one-liner and tagline for your business.

Watch This Video To Learn About Our BrandScript Process

Our writers (and StoryBrand Certified Copywriters) carefully write the content of each webpage. Then, our Creative Department will design stunning visuals to support the content

While our graphic designers create these pages, the Content Department goes right back to work to make your lead-generating offer. The lead-generator is based on the goals we derived from your intake interview and your BrandScript. The lead-generator is usually a PDF designed to capture leads.

The next step is the lead nurturing email series. Once a visitor to your website has downloaded that lead-generator, we want to nurture them if they aren’t ready to “marry” you yet. The Content Department follows the PASTOR framework, which was designed by world-renowned copywriter Ray Edwards, to write the email series. You'll also receive a sales series to implement within HubSpot.

*Important note: Unlike the webpages, we do NOT design email graphics or set up the emails for you. We provide you with the StoryBranded content for you to pass along to your vendor of choice.

Find out how StoryBrand can transform your business! Download our free case study.

One of the final steps is to collect customer testimonials that show your customers’ transformation as well as your authority.

Gathering customer testimonials is tedious and oftentimes you end up with answers that don’t clearly convey your value. That’s why we create a customer-testimonial generating email with questions that follow the StoryBrand methodology. This way, you are guaranteed to get impactful customer testimonials that encourage others to purchase your product/service.

Or, we can create a customer-referral email to get an existing customer to recruit new customers for you. You decide which type of email will better serve your business’s needs and goals.

What Else Is Included?

In addition to the above, you also get training from our expert team, such as an introduction to HubSpot CMS and the HubSpot CRM Setup, how to use the HubSpot Meeting Scheduler, and instructions on how to create video blogs and post to social media within HubSpot.

What Happens When The QuickStart Project Is Completed?

At the end of our engagement, we package all of the content and designs from the QuickStart and add them to Google Drive. We will send you a zip file with all of these contents.

Ultimately, you are set up for success with everything you need to execute the StoryBrand Marketing Roadmap within HubSpot's all-in-one marketing and sales platform.

Have more questions about the ROI QuickStart? Visit our QuickStart FAQ page to learn more, or download the ROI QuickStart Plan here.


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