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Why Does The SBQS Kit Involve So Many Meetings?


You’ve signed up for or are interested in investing in the StoryBrand QuickStart (SBQS), but you’re wondering what your involvement will be. The number of meetings you have to attend is probably one of your most pressing questions.

We know you are busy, but the truth is, we like to invite you to participate in as many meetings as you can throughout our 90-day engagement.

How many meetings are we talking about?

It is typical to meet once a week for the 90 days we will partner with you (give or take), either in-person or via video call.

I know, I know, now you are thinking, “Why on earth does it take so many meetings!?”

Here are the two main reasons we want to chat with you on a regular basis while we are working through the SBQS Kit with you:

1. We want to get it right!

When you purchase the SBQS Kit, you receive so many great services including:

  • BrandScript coaching
  • Clarified message
  • Content development
  • New website framework with templates
  • Lead-generating PDF
  • Automated email campaign
  • Customer testimonials
  • Customer referral (or testimonial) generating email

But, to accomplish all of these services and succeed, we like to get to know your business and the key decision-makers who will be involved in the process. That way, we can make sure your message is not only clear but also accurate.

Your clients are looking to you to solve their problems. We want everything we create for you to align to both your company and to your client’s needs while also sticking to your branding guidelines.

2. We want YOU to be part of the process!

We find many of our clients enjoy learning about StoryBrand so they can continue to implement it once the SBQS Kit project has concluded.

Imagine this: You purchased a top-rated workout/diet program that included a certified personal trainer/nutritionist for 90 days. For three whole months, you had the trainer guide you each step of the way. But your trainer wasn’t just telling you what to do; they were showing you how to turn this new routine into a lifestyle and how to succeed on your own.

During that 90 days, you saw AMAZING results! You are now left with your transformation, workout/diet templates, and new knowledge. Thankfully, because you learned the why/how behind the workouts and nutrition, you can follow this lifestyle and continue to improve upon the results after the engagement with the trainer has ended.

This is exactly what happens when you sign up for the SBQS Kit. We not only help transform and clarify your company’s story and brand messaging, but we also coach and equip you to be set up for success — after the 90 days is over. Of course, you can always become a full-time client.

What are we saying?

All in all, we have the meetings in place to better serve you and to give you the best ROI. We like to gather as much information as we can in the meetings, so we are better prepared to launch you into great success in just 90 days.

Please, don’t let the number of meetings scare you!

The opportunity you have to meet with experienced (and fun!) marketing experts on a weekly basis will only put you one step closer to having the brand, message clarity, and website of your dreams.

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