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Why Every College Student Should Get An Internship

interns working together

As a current computer science major at Midwestern State University, I’ve been getting curious about what life will be like in the workplace as compared to school. I reached out to ROI because I had job-shadowed the team in high school (which was around the time where I was still figuring out my major) and ultimately picked computer science because of that experience. 

Since I have a few semesters worth of programming knowledge, I wanted to spend a bit of time in an internship with the website development department at ROI. My schedule didn’t allow me to be there for much longer than 3 weeks, but they were flexible and determined to make the most of the time I did have with them.

interns working together

Going in, I had concerns about not being qualified enough and was worried that I would only get in the way of the staff. The head developer, Jim, made me feel much better by acknowledging that I was there for an experience of learning and emphasizing what a priority my success was. 

Computer science is an overwhelming field whenever you aren’t comfortable with the language or the platform being used. The development department kept me comfortable and did a great job of breaking down information so that I was always able to understand the concept. They were inclusive, kind, and great teachers who really cared about my improvements.

I got hands-on experience in building multiple websites as well as learning the ins and outs of maintaining a website. I learned about how to use the many features of HubSpot, how to slice up images in PhotoShop, how to manipulate code to change features of web pages, and how to code templates for web pages. Regardless of which direction I take with computer science, this focus of HTML and JavaScript will be sure to aid me in my future.

If you can, get an internship with a company that has a laid back, entertaining atmosphere. Even just sitting and listening around, I was constantly laughing at the interactions between certain staff members at ROI. The different departments work together seamlessly and keep each other on their toes with great humor and perfectly terrible jokes. It made the experience even more enjoyable.

During my internship, I learned all about website development. Now, I’m leaving with nothing but good memories. While I wish I could have had the time to experience a full summer-long internship, my experience was worth every second and I have a better idea of what life after college can be like. 

I’m very thankful to the team at ROI for letting me join in on the fun and have new knowledge to take back with me to my school. And I recommend every college student get an internship in their field. You never know what you’ll learn about your industry—and yourself—during the process!

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