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Why Internet Marketing Is A Must for Law Firms

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The legal profession occupies a very unique niche among businesses needing to employ internet marketing to generate leads. Potential clients want to hire an attorney with expertise in a particular legal field, not buy a pair of shoes. To be successful in attracting new clients, law firms must master the same tools as every other company.

Here are six reliable internet marketing tactics, along with a few reasons law firms need to use them right now.

  1. Content is the best way to earn trust, especially in the legal profession. Simply put, content marketing brings leads to your door, including blogs, videos, eBooks and white papers. These pieces demonstrate your expertise on a particular topic, a first step in gaining the trust of your potential clients. They’re more likely to turn to a trusted firm for representation when they need it.
  2. You can use social media to interact and get feedback. It’s no secret that many of your prospects visit social media sites multiple times per day, so you must get your firm in front of them. You also need to engage them by becoming part of the conversation. Interaction with your followers will ultimately drive traffic to the content component of your internet marketing.
  3. SEO is necessary to make sure your firm is found by those seeking legal help. Your firm’s well-developed marketing approach won’t go far if potential clients can’t find you. Utilizing SEO principles will place your firm higher on the search engine results page, providing essential visibility.
  4. Optimize your internet marketing approach for mobile and local. An enormous percentage of consumers research products and services using mobile devices. Your firm’s site must be easy to view and navigate in order to remain competitive. In addition, it's important to focus on the local market as your potential clients conduct searches based on geographic region.
  5. Implement an email marketing campaign to nurture leads. While some of your potential clients have an immediate need for legal services, there are many that won’t be retaining counsel right away. Email marketing ensures that you stay in front of them with content that discusses key topics. Plus, email has one of the highest returns on investment because of the low overhead cost. Consider sending out a monthly newsletter, for example.
  6. Never underestimate the importance of analytics. You can only improve your internet marketing strategy if you learn what works and what doesn't. Measuring analytics will help you understand why a potential client visited your site and where they came from. HubSpot is a leader in the industry, featuring solutions that put your numbers in perspective and help you identify where adjustments are necessary.

Once you see the advantages of using these tools, you can begin implementing them within your internet marketing strategy. However, you’ll only see real results if you incorporate multiple tactics frequently and consistently, with a methodical approach that enables them to work together. With organizational solutions like those offered by HubSpot, you can effectively manage your internet marketing campaign and bring clients to your door.

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Internet Marketing For Law Firms: 101

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