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Why No One Is Using Facebook Stories


Ah, the battle of the medias. Facebook is bound and determined to be the top dog. They have tried so hard to compete with Snapchat once they figured out they couldn’t buy them out.

Here is the deal, Facebook. We’ve adopted your Insta stories. We’ve ignored your Messenger Stories, and now, you’re trying to get us to adopt Facebook Stories. FORGET ABOUT IT! This Social Media Director has had enough and here is why: 

The Early Adopters On Facebook Are Not Your Target Audience

As a business, we all need to try to sell our products to many different groups of people. The biggest problem that most modern marketers have today is the fact that they don’t know how to sell to millennials. 

Well, your millennials are abandoning Facebook because to say it nicely, it’s boring us. Can you think of a time where you haven’t gotten on Facebook to see some pyramid scheme, political activists or a terribly targeted ad being shoved in your face? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Your target audience is going to platforms that are less noisy (i.e Snapchat and Instagram). They are not going to put the time and effort into doing a Facebook Story along with everything else. If it weren’t for businesses, I think the demise of Facebook would be nigh.

You Can’t Utilize Stories For Your Business

As a Business Page, you can’t post on Messenger or on Facebook Stories. If your business is on Facebook, you are more than likely on the platform all the time.


I hardly ever use Facebook for personal reasons. Facebook Stories are meant for personal use only.

If you can’t use them to sell your business, then what is the point? You can do that on Instagram, so why doesn’t it translate throughout all platforms? These are the questions I often ask when trying to adopt a new platform or a client wants to try a platform that might not be relevant for their industry. 

You’re Already Trying To Juggle All Of The Other Platforms

Let’s face it, if you’re a business owner, you don’t have time to juggle another platform. It’s hard to always have unique posts on all of your different platforms.

Yes, social media scheduling has become a very vital tool in the success of your social efforts, but there is only so much automation you can do. Your customers want it to feel like they aren’t being mass marketed to and this is why it is so important to respond to your DMs or your comments in a timely manner. 

My biggest advice to social media managers and marketing directors is you don’t have to be great at every platform, but you need to be really good at one. That one should not be any type of story. It should be the platform that it is hosted on though. Your stories should always back up what you are telling on the platform, and you can’t do that with Facebook. So, your efforts would be wasted. 

I know as a business owner or social media marketer, you want to try everything. I think it is our chance to throw in the towel and leave the stories to those who have too much time in the day to be on Facebook. Lol at that because it is my job.

If you’re in a stew about Facebook Stories, forget about it and focus on the platform that you see the most growth and potential.

What do you think about Facebook Stories? Tell us in the comments below!


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