Why Should You Work With a StoryBrand Certified Guide?

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It’s no secret that marketing is a complicated and ever-changing landscape. Every day, new articles are published on how to change your marketing strategy or what the newest trend in marketing should be. It can be hard to keep up with all of the information out there, which is why it’s important for businesses to work with the right person to make sense of it all.  

StoryBrand-Certified guides are individuals who have experience in implementing the StoryBrand Framework, which helps simplify marketing ideas into clear messages that resonate deeply with customers.

A StoryBrand-Certified guide program will help you clarify your business' marketing and help make decisions based on your company’s BrandScript. By simplifying your marketing message, you improve decision-making among team members by unifying internal communications.

But how would you know if a StoryBrand-Certified guide is a perfect fit for your business? Check out these must-have qualities below and find out.

Check The Experience

As a business owner, your head is filled with dozens of tasks that you need to accomplish - marketing strategies, new competitors, innovation, continuous improvement, human resources, day-to-day operations, just to name a few.

With all this in mind, it's difficult to get things done at an optimal pace and efficiency.

One way to achieve the results you're looking for in the smallest time possible is to pick a StoryBrand Certified Guide who has experience related to your business' industry.

That's because these guides have seen it all before and know how to tackle the issues head-on, without wasting resources. 

At the heart of their expertise is the StoryBrand Framework. It simplifies your brand's message into a story where the customer is the hero and positions you as the qualified guide who can help them solve their problems.

Take a look at how your StoryBrand Certified agency approached their clients' problems and how they came up with a solution. If you want to achieve the same results, then it's time to look at the next must-have quality.

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Make Sure They Understand You

A StoryBrand Guide understands how much work went into creating the company. The business owner's financial, emotional, and psychological investments must all be considered.

An experienced marketing consultant is one thing, but there's no substitute for someone who truly understands what it would take to bring the company from where it is now to where it can be.

A StoryBrand Certified Guide Is Also a Great Listener.

He understands that there are various methods to achieving great results and knows how to create the perfect marketing messaging that works. He takes a deep dive into the "why" and understands the true story of who you are and what you do.

Your company's success starts with a great story and your guide has to know the company's history, message, your BrandScript, goals, and marketing strategy. Work with a marketing agency that will lead you through your journey using the StoryBrand Framework as a reference to how you can go about your overall marketing strategy in a simpler and concise manner.

A successful marketing consultant knows that great marketing begins by gaining a thorough understanding of the company's unique story as well as what it takes to make it happen.

Your StoryBrand Guide should also know that marketing starts with being able to measure what works and what doesn't work and when it isn't working. 

Marketing is about numbers that matter. Social media statistics may tell you that your posts aren't engaging enough in an effort to bring you anxiety so you'll buy more ads. But your StoryBrand Certified Guide knows better. He knows which numbers are worth counting, and which ones to ignore.

Great marketing consultants also know how to think about marketing in the big picture. They understand marketing strategies as well as marketing messages and marketing tactics. The marketing consultant knows that successful marketing requires an understanding of who the audiences are, what they care about, which marketing methods work the best, which messaging is most likely to resonate with each marketing audience and marketing costs.

To be a successful entrepreneur, you need to find someone who will serve as your guide. A good coach should lead by asking questions and listening intently for the answers- they are there to help you succeed!

The Critical Eye for Details

It's important to hire a StoryBrand Guide that can be thorough with his work and can identify the strengths, weaknesses, or gaps you have as a business. StoryBrand Guides are experts in marketing so they know what to look for. To make sure that your chosen marketing agency has these skills, it's best to ask potential StoryBrand Guides about their background in analytics. 

StoryBrand Guides that have experience in analytics will be able to identify the things that bring you leads, sales, and customers and communicate what these numbers mean to your day-to-day decisions. StoryBrand Guides should be able to tell you how they do this so it's easy for you to implement their methods within your company.

StoryBrand-Certified Guides should be able to tell you the specifics about your business, like the numbers of leads and sales it's currently getting. They should also give you a clear understanding of how they've helped businesses in similar facets.   They should have the skill set that can help analyze your data and tell you what improvements need to be made.

StoryBrand-Certified Guides should be able to clearly explain how you can improve your marketing efforts and they should be able to put these ideas into action for your business.  They should be able to give you solid ideas on what you can improve on and how exactly to do it. StoryBrand Guides should be able to explain the purpose of each marketing campaign and what they are using them for.

Your guide should know how every piece of data is going to affect your business down the line. StoryBrand-Certified Guides should have a plan that is easy to follow. Every step should be clear and communicated in words that are easy to understand. 

StoryBrand-Certified Guides are not here to educate you about your business but to show you ways where you can move forward and improve your company in the way you've always envisioned it.


How To Know If They're Genuinely Invested

A StoryBrand Certified Guide will be happy to answer your questions and help you plan for the future, but how do you know when they are actually invested in helping you? You want to make sure that the person is willing to invest their time.

That means there is not a guarantee of results. There is also no way to say if it will work or not. The StoryBrand Certified Guide can only help guide you through what the next steps are, and how to get there.

The first way you'll know if it's worth your time is that they will have an investment in the process. That means that they are willing to make a sacrifice of their own time for your success. They invest more in their clients than anyone else because they truly believe in the power of selling products and services with stories.

Testimonials from people who have worked with the StoryBrand Certified Guide are an easy way to know if they can make the same sacrifices for you. If you can find testimonials that claim they put their money where their mouth is, then that's a good sign. They may write testimonials about how much it has changed lives, but that's not necessarily a true indication of success. But if you think about it, no one wastes their time writing a three-star review. Reviews are indicative only of the extremes - whether or not their methods have worked for previous clients - that's the only thing they're good for.

A great test is someone who will talk honestly and openly about what does and doesn't work. This even goes as far as suggesting paths you might want to abandon because they are wasting your time. The last thing anyone wants to be told is the wrong path, or why something isn't worth trying when all it took was a quick change in the beginning.

StoryBrand Certified Guides can show you that there are paths to increase your success, and which ones aren't worth pursuing.

Stepping away from the StoryBrand Certified Guide is one of the hardest things for a client to do. It means that they have wasted time and money, but it also means that they might not have chosen the right one in the first place. 

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StoryBrand Certified Guides know this fear inside and out because they must trust themselves when their clients don't yet know how powerful StoryBrand really is. It's part of what Storybrand calls being "Flexible with Experience."

Storybrand Certified Guides are willing to be flexible with their client's experience level as well. The StoryBrand Framework is a science, but it's also an art that comes from understanding human behavior. Storybrand Certified Guides aren't just going on gut feelings when they make suggestions; they operate based on proven results because of their years of experience in marketing and sales.

If you get negative feedback about something very specific you said or did, it could be because Storybrand Certified Guides will say what needs to be said, even if it hurts your feelings.

StoryBrand Certified Guides are here to help you sell your story, and they do not have an agenda other than helping you grow. They will ask difficult questions in order to get the most out of their time with you. They are genuinely invested in your success because it means that they've done something right. 

They will invest in you and come up with creative ways to move forward when times get tough. A Storybrand Certified Guide will be flexible about their approach because they are experienced in so many different scenarios. They know that every story is different, and it's important for them to remain open-minded so they can provide the best experience possible.

If you're ready to come up with a marketing strategy that works for your business and your business alone, let's get into a FREE strategy meeting today. Schedule our conversation now by clicking on the button below and open up clearer paths for your business to move forward!

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