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Why Your Business Should Use HubSpot's CRM


Your company's CRM should be there to help you. It should integrate flawlessly with your sales and marketing tools, aiding in your efforts to create effective campaigns and leads. You should be able to use the CRM features to help nurture those leads and convert them into customers. All of this information should produce usable, easy-to-understand data to track such efforts.

The problem is that most CRMs don’t do this. They hurt instead of help sales and marketing teams.

Most CRMs create hurdles for businesses instead of a platform to propel it forward.

Their existence is punitive.

This is why ROI Online utilizes Hubspot’s CRM. It has improved our business processes, exponentially.

Here are four reasons why you should consider using Hubspot's CRM, too.

And as a bonus, the CRM is free!

4 Reasons to Use HubSpot’s Free CRM


1. Hubspot’s CRM helps you avoid wasting time on extensive data entry.

For many, they spend hours in their CRM simply inputting data from contacts. Where does this leave time to make the data valuable for sales and marketing purposes?

HubSpot's CRM is useful because the data entry is automated. You don’t have to

spend any time manually entering information. Every interaction a lead or customer makes with your company is recorded automatically.  

Each interaction (including team member interactions), such as phone calls, website visits, emails, or form submissions; are processed into CRM, by the CRM. This leaves you time to do focus on client/customer-related tasks, rather than dealing with tedious tasks created by a deficient CRM.

2. HubSpot’s CRM is created for a great user experience and is quick to learn.

A majority of CRMs have an odious user experience, tying directly into a difficulty assimilating its functions. Poor user interfaces require too much time learning how to simply use and navigate the CRM. Even fewer seamlessly integrate into your firm's value chain, which is frustrating.

HubSpot’s one-liner on their CRM homepage goes something like this, “Get HubSpot's CRM up and running in minutes, and make those minutes back in hours.”

And that’s is exactly what it does. You won’t spend weeks learning how to use HubSpot’s CRM. Everything is laid out for easy navigation and quick implementation, which is perfect for busy business leaders.

HubSpot even offers a CRM certification for those who wish to master all of the benefits the database offers.

As a bonus, in ROI Online’s QuickStart , we will train you in HubSpot’s CRM so that you will be set up for success in the long run. As a Platinum Level HubSpot partner, we have become experts in the HubSpot CRM.

Interested in learning more about the ROI QuickStart? Download our plan for free!

3. HubSpot’s CRM allows flexibility and integrates well with other platforms.

Processes are a key ingredient to business growth, but sometimes the process needs a bit of tweaking. Not every sale, campaign, or collected data is identical.

Rigid CRMs mean restricted sales pipelines, constricted options for campaigns, and set-in-stone data entry fields. Rigid CRMs also do not integrate well with other platforms.

Unfortunately, most CRMs are difficult to work with because they do not conveniently integrate with popular email and sales software/extensions that many businesses use.

This is an issue HubSpot has amended. Their CRM allows you customize features and add fields to contact information, deals, and integrated marketing tools. If you need to add additional information about a particular lead or client you can. If you need to change the sales pipeline, you can do that, too.

Everything is interchangeable and you can swiftly modify components within the CRM.

Further, HubSpot’s CRM integrates with several platforms, such as Shopify, Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Drift, Call Rail, Wistia, Ad Roll, and a plethora of others. The CRM also seamlessly automates and records interactions between the database and available platform integrations.

4. Hubspot's CRM aids in lead generation/ and creates easy-to-understand reports with insightful information.

CRMs must utilize the data they extrapolate to integrate with marketing tools and produce lead generating campaigns. The whole reason why we do anything is to create content to attract leads and establish relationships with them, right?

The marketing tools integrated into Hubspot’s CRM lets you create sequence emails, landing pages, data capturing forms, etc., that collect names, emails, phone numbers, and company information to create contacts.

But, there must be a way to examine insights and data on the performance of campaigns and the number of contacts created each day. This will show whether or not your team needs to restrategize.

Most CRMs generate reports that leave sales and marketing teams perplexed, not to mention stressed.

Hubspot’s CRM has a beautiful interface that displays the number of sessions, contacts created, and converted customers on the homepage of each client. It also shows the negative or positive changes percentage of each, so you can see firsthand how your efforts are producing — or not producing — the results you desire.

Your business is supposed to benefit from the use of a CRM. An inadequate CRM not only costs you time, but it could also be costing you money and valuable leads. Why pay for a CRM that is hurting your company when you can use HubSpot’s CRM, for free?

It will save you time, headaches, and help your business grow.

At ROI, we have personally seen the advantages of using HubSpot’s CRM and we encourage your company to give it a try. What do you have to lose? After all, it’s free!

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