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A Brand Is More Than A Name: Proffer Surgical Associates Case Study

Steve Brown
BY Steve Brown | March 12, 2020

Proffer-Website-Mockup.jpgProffer Surgical Associates is an esteemed plastic and reconstructive surgery center in Amarillo, Texas.

While well-known in the Texas Panhandle, Proffer lacked a strong, consistent brand image and voice. Its marketing materials and website were out of tune with one another and did not effectively communicate Proffer’s message.

In addition to redesigning its website using the StoryBrand Framework and the four crucial components of the Business GrowthStack, ROI Online has helped create a highly recognized brand, instilled loyalty and incited engagement in Proffers’ patients.

So what were the final results? In this case study, we're spilling all the secrets about how we helped Proffer Surgical Associates create a powerful brand that consistently engages with customers.

The Strategy & Approach

The goal was to transform Proffer Surgical Associates into a powerhouse brand that reached the entire Texas Panhandle and beyond. Proffer wanted to maintain its professional, exclusive image, yet come across as more accessible and inviting.

Proffer is a respected name, but the imagery on their previous website and marketing materials could potentially deter people who wanted to look like themselves, not a sexy magazine ad. They weren't targeting the right buyer personas, and their messaging wasn't clear and consistent.

To help them build better relationships with potential customers, we built an interactive, visually pleasing website in HubSpot that appealed to everyone. Proffer comes across as professional and reputable yet friendly and helpful. We highlighted real patients and genuine testimonials on the homepage of the website, which we acquired from in-depth buyer persona interviews during the initial stages of the project.

Proffer-Spa-MenuMockUp.jpgWe designed a number of print marketing materials, including business cards, spa menus, product specials, event invitations and posters, all of which carry a homogenous brand image. Additionally, we have created several online marketing materials, including infographics, surgery checklists, product spotlights and more.

We revamped the logos of Proffer Surgical Associates, The Spa at Proffer Surgical, and Proffer’s proactive nutrition and fitness program, Matrix Age Management, so they all coalesce with the Proffer brand.

We launched several inbound marketing campaigns. The strategy behind our campaigns is to target Proffer’s buyer personas and create content that directly speaks to them. One of our most successful campaigns was the Proffer Summer Giveaway.

Additionally, we garnered approximately 1,300 leads from the Facebook campaign, in which Proffer’s Spa partnered with a local restaurant and boutique to give away $900 worth of prizes. We then used these contacts for a secondary spa campaign, which allowed us to create separate workflows based on what the contacts were interested (i.e. massages, facials, Botox, etc.)

In our ongoing partnership, we continue to provide all elements of the Business GrowthStack. We create regular campaigns to help promote their biggest services. These campaigns generate leads, which are then automatically entered in highly targeted lead nurturing email series. We have created sales pieces to support their team as well.

The Results

Patrickquote3_1.jpgImmediately after the launch of the site, Proffer saw a cumulative total of 4,634 visits. By the end of 2015, Proffer had earned a total yield of 18,140 visits, a 290 percent growth in website visits.

Proffer incurred 1,894 leads, averaging 152 leads per month. The Summer Giveaway Campaign converted 19.4 percent of visitors into leads.

Social media accounted for approximately 24 percent of all website traffic; 13.7 percent of that traffic converted into leads. Facebook had a 3.05 percent CTR to Proffer’s website. The blog made up 23 percent of website traffic.

Five years later, Proffer's website continues to flourish. They now have an average of 70,000 website visits per year, more than half of which come from organic search. In 2019, Proffer's blog had over 17,000 views, with visitors spending 3 minutes on average reading the content. 

Over the course of the year, the company received 646 form submissions. Approximately three-fourths of these were for scheduling a consultation. Each day, at least two people fill out a form somewhere on their site, either to download one of their lead-generating offers or to meet with the doctors.

By partnering with ROI Online, Proffer has experienced significant growth. It has amassed a larger, more active online following, increased profits and enhanced its value of services to its patients in addition to reaching new audiences.



The Spa at Proffer Surgical Main Menu



12 Days of Christmas Flyer and Social Media Campaign Graphics



Is A Mommy Makeover Right For You Lead-Generating PDF



The Spa at Proffer Surgical Mother's Day Spa Packages Flyer



Proffer Surgical Associates "Night Out with the Chamber" Invitation



Facebook ad graphic for "Nominate A Mom" Special



Proffer Surgical Associates and Spa Appointment Cards




Pre-Breast Implant Checklist — Free Downloadable Offer

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