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Defying The Oil & Gas Downturn With Marketing, Value & Integrity

Steve Brown
BY Steve Brown | March 11, 2019

IAG-website-mock-up.jpgSmart Chemical Solutions, formerly Integrated Advantage Group, is an oil and gas services company comprised of a group of vertically integrated companies and strategic partnerships.

By supplying integrated water hauling, water treatment and chemical application solutions, Smart Chemical Solutions offers a streamlined production process that reduces the cost per barrel of oil equivalent (BOE) for oil and gas firms.

The oil and gas industry is experiencing one of its deepest downturns since the 1990s. However, Smart Chemical Solutions and its family of companies have witnessed tremendous growth. Smart Chemical Solutions expanded capacity to add 16 new positions, resulting in 62 additional employees across its companies, which includes Smart Chemical Services, Smart LogisticsGenesis Custom Chemical Blending and Smart Water Solutions. In 2015, Smart Chemical Services expanded by 40% and is forecasted to grow by 25% this year.

In addition to ROI Online implementing strategic employment inbound marketing campaigns and designing original websites for each company, Smart Chemical Solutions has triumphed during the slump by providing its customers with world-class service and unparalleled value.

SmartChemical-WebsiteMockUp.jpgThe Strategy & Approach

ROI Online has harnessed social media and used it to Smart Chemical Solutions' advantage. Thousands of oil and gas workers are out of the job and are scouring social media and other online sources for employment.

ROI has discovered LinkedIn, and even Twitter, as powerful social media tools for recruitment, thought leadership and brand awareness.

In addition to posting available positions on professional job sites and networks, such as Indeed and OilPro, ROI Online shares the job postings on the companies’ websites and blogs, resulting in hundreds of views and dozens of applications from qualified candidates.

ROI Online has also created original marketing materials, such as business cards for each Smart Chemical Solutions company, sales flyers, brochures, videos and presentations, including a culture code.

PanhandleExpress-Website-Mock-Up.jpgThe Results

LinkedIn is Smart Chemical Solutions' leading push platform, contributing to 81% of website traffic from social media. The professional social network also accounted for:

  • 56% of clicks on all social media messages in 2016
  • 87% of all social media engagement in 2016
  • 100% of social media leads

In addition, Smart Chemical Solutions' Twitter reach grew more than 150% from January to May 2016 in comparison to August to December 2015.  

Smart Chemical Solutions' family of companies have experienced growth as well.

  • Smart Chemical saw a 10% increase in leads from Q4 2015 to Q1 2016.
  • From November 2015 to February 2016, Smart Chemical Solutions experienced an overall growth in leads by 221%.

Verde-Website-Mock-Up.jpgWhen comparing two, consecutive 10-month spans, the first sample (Sept. 2014 - June 2015) saw an average 765 website visitors. The second sample (July 2015 - April 2016) more than doubled in website traffic, seeing an average of 1,645 website visitors. These numbers account for all Smart Chemical Solutions companies.

In Q4 2015, Smart Chemical Solutions' visit-to-contact rate was only 0.7%. In Q1 2016, the visit-to-contact rate jumped to 2.3%.

By partnering with ROI Online and continuing to concentrate on sterling customer service, trustworthy products and high safety standards, Smart Chemical Solutions has staked an indelible claim in the oil and gas market and deeply imprinted its name as an industry thought leader.

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