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ROI Online not only follows but is also certified in the following key methodologies, which help us achieve our clients’ goals as well as our own goals. These include Inbound Marketing, Storytelling Marketing, StoryBrand, Primal Branding, and Growth-Driven Design. All of these methodologies combined contribute to marketing and sales efforts, which should be viewed as an integrated process rather than two separate approaches.

We follow a proven process from start to finish. We customize a plan based on your individual business goals, customers, and industry. After getting to know your business, the challenges you are experiencing, as well as your marketing and sales goals, we craft a strategy based on the goals you’d like to achieve, the metrics that will prove success, and the tactics you’ve used in the past.

We meet on a regular basis and all activity is tracked through a transparent project management system that you can access. It provides an agreed-upon meeting agenda and documents the progress of your project. We also create a service-level agreement that outlines the responsibilities of our team as well as your team. Responsibilities must be met on both ends in order to achieve the goals set in place. This SLA will be signed off and revisited on a quarterly basis. If we have a base set of metrics before our initial engagement, we use these metrics to track and showcase progress. If your business hasn’t identified key metrics to track progress, we use the first 120 days of our engagement to identify these metrics together, gather data, and compare the information gathered with the progress made during the following quarters.

We use the first 90 days of our engagement as an onboarding and educational opportunity. During this time, we provide you with educational material to familiarize yourself with our methodologies and strategies, so we speak the same language. At the same time, we do extensive research on your business and industry, identify key metrics, align your business goals with a strategic marketing plan — all while delivering quick wins with high impact. After the onboarding stage, we audit your current content, asses the need for a new website or a website redesign, and begin implementing the plan created in our onboarding stage. The timeline varies depending on your level of involvement and the complexity of the website. But the website is just one piece of the project. The rest of the marketing and sales strategy is an ever-evolving process that does not have a clear start and end date but instead consists of checkpoints where we measure effectiveness and make tweaks as needed.

StoryBrand was the missing piece our agency needed. We also chose it because we can personally attest to its success. You can read about how it’s transformed our business, here. In addition, we love that it is a simple framework that’s easy to understand and follow. It makes your brand’s message clear so customers listen. It provides the tools for creating effective content for each of our clients.

In the same manner that we recognized it was extremely important to our agency and our future to embrace the HubSpot platform and become a certified Platinum level agency partner, we recognized StoryBrand adds a new level of expertise necessary for producing excellent content for our clients.

You get a team of StoryBrand certified experts that understands and follows the rules of creating effective content, from websites and blogs to social media and emails.

Our writers are not only StoryBrand certified, but they are also professional writers and editors. They have experience writing for a variety of media, including print, broadcast, and, of course, online. Whether you need an email nurturing series, new webpage content, a video script, or ad copy, our Content Dept. has you covered. And more than just copywriting, our writers are experienced storytellers. Storytelling makes your content more memorable and more effective. Our writers craft content into cohesive stories that resonate with your audience, establish your business’s authority and build lasting relationships with clients. Storytelling is effective throughout your customer’s entire buyer’s journey.

Our holistic process includes quickly auditing and analyzing your existing content to determine a priority process of optimization. At the same time, we will identify realistic quick wins. Together, we design a more comprehensive long-term strategy based on your business goals.

Our niche is medium to large businesses who have the desire to grow their company, become competitive in their industry, and ultimately maximize revenue by fully adopting inbound marketing, marketing automation, sales enablement, StoryBrand alignment, and the HubSpot CRM.

SEO is a strategy of the past. In short, Google rewards websites or platforms that offer users a great experience by delivering useful and impactful content. The fact of the matter is, to provide users with a great experience with impactful content is just hard work that many businesses struggle to effectively deliver. By focusing on your end user, the information you are providing them and the experience they are having on your website, the SEO piece of the puzzle will fall into place on its own. You can learn more about Google’s evolving algorithms and how you should communicate with your audience, here.

Modern marketing done effectively requires an online presence that supports sales and customer service processes. An effective online presence requires a marketing automation platform. HubSpot is one of the only all-in-one tools on the market right now that can house all your digital marketing efforts in one place. It provides both insights and data that we use to regularly measure and improve your ROI. It is an incredible tool that gives you an advantage over any of your competitors who do not use it. You can learn more about why we require HubSpot in this quick video.

It is essential we have expertise in the tools that we recommend. We “walk the walk” of our talk by staying up-to-date and certified in the central tool that we recommend to all of our clients — HubSpot. From sales enablement and inbound marketing to email marketing and client management, our certifications are versatile and relevant. You can learn more about our certifications in this quick video.

At the end of the day, we want to provide value. Sales and marketing alignment are key to proving that value over a long-term relationship, and we tailor our services to make sure that we’re providing meaningful results. We understand you expect your marketing to make you money. However, the bigger picture is you expect it to help you grow your business. By helping you achieve your business goals, we are not only focusing on your marketing efforts but also your sales efforts and the way your business runs as a whole.

Through HubSpot. The reason we have chosen to be experts in the HubSpot marketing automation platform is that it helps us track progress and connect the dots between our activities and your business goals to demonstrate ROI. We also perform quarterly reporting to show that progress toward your SMART goals.

For the same reason we insist on HubSpot Marketing. HubSpot has everything in one tool, which includes the CRM. It is one of the most intuitive and cutting-edge CRM’s available today that is also easier to onboard and manage than most CRMs. With it, we can ensure easier marketing and sales alignment, which is key to providing you the value that strives for as a complete business partner to you. You can learn more about why we utilize HubSpot for all of our clients in this quick video.

Simply put, tools and processes that enable you and your sales team to do sales, better.

You will have a designated project manager that will serve as your main point of contact. That project manager will work with our team and yours to make sure each piece of your project is completed correctly and in a time-efficient manner. On the back end, you will also have a developer, graphic designer, content creator, and strategist working on your project.

We manage our projects through project management tools like Wrike and Basecamp. Each client has a dedicated project manager as their main point of contact, who you will be introduced to during onboarding. That PM will schedule meetings, take notes, and share those notes with the appropriate departments. The PM is responsible for setting reasonable deadlines for both the client and the ROI team as well as making sure all tasks are completed on time. The PM also keeps you up to date on the progress of your project and makes sure all the activities our team works on align with your SMART goals.


Discover how StoryBrand can help your business succeed.