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What is Personal Growth

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"What does personal growth mean?" A common question that many people ask themselves on a regular basis. Some have come to believe personal growth is not necessarily key to be successful in other areas of life. But is this true?

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On this Golden Nugget from the ROI Online Podcast global business coach, business owner, and author Robert Clinkenbeard will define what personal growth is and how it affects every aspect of your life believe it or not.

Personal growth is a topic that more and more people talk about these days. Many personal growth gurus and experts are popping up on the internet but sometimes we don't know what it actually means.

Every path to personal growth and development is an individual's life journey. Some examples to clarify what personal growth and development are:

  • Learning to control your anger or mood swings
  • Being more positive
  • Being more considerate and polite
  • Becoming more responsible
  • Developing new skills and knowledge
  • Overcome procrastination and laziness
  • Read a book per month
  • Learn new techniques


Since personal development means different things to different people, it's important to establish personal goals, what is personal development for you? Personal goal setting assists in career planning, personal fulfilment, self-awareness, and much more.

If the person has a clear personal set of values then it's easier to establish what will make him or her happy. This makes personal goal-setting an important activity when establishing your life.

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Successful personal development requires motivation, the desire to improve, and the willingness to put personal growth into action.

Personal development is a lifelong process and not something that you can achieve in one day, or even in a few years. It takes time to develop personal skills, knowledge, and attitudes.

It's important for people to always be willing to change and explore themselves if they want personal growth. Keeping an open mind is key to advancing yourself as an individual.

It is often defined as what you do to grow your personal potential, skills, and self-awareness so that they can be applied in different parts of life. Also defined by using three simple principles: Self Awareness, Skills Development, and Feedback.

Problems and difficulties are most times triggers that awaken a desire for personal growth.

One of the best ways to make personal growth happen is by setting goals. Goals are a way for people to set themselves up with clear and measurable objectives that will help them grow in certain aspects of their lives, such as work or family life.

Setting time aside every day–or at least once a week to change habits, start new activities, reading some spiritual guidance books,  or doing things that you find challenging and rewarding.

One good question is how or where can you actually learn personal growth? 

There are personal growth workshops, personal development coaching sessions, and self-help books that can help people with the personal growth process.

Robert defines personal growth as sharpening the soul, always trying to learn more, whether it is through podcasts, courses, books, or other sources. Bettering yourself in every aspect of life, being a better father, husband, professional, etc.

Now that personal growth is defined, how does it actually affect every aspect of our lives?

  • One's personal development affects our professional career and personal relationships with others.
  • Personal growth boils down to the way we live each day because those decisions shape who we are becoming.
  • If we are the best versions of ourselves it gives us more tools to make better decisions, create opportunities for ourselves and others, improve the quality of life

Robert also believes "if you're not growing, you're dying". So personal growth is about always just trying to figure out, how can I push myself? How can I take myself out of my comfort zone?

For personal growth to be sustainable, it needs to happen on a daily basis. Personal growth is not something you can do for three months and then stop because there are no shortcuts or magic bullets.

A good quick way to hack your personal growth is to practice a sport that requires new physical skills and techniques, change your environment and travel, surround yourself with people who are also looking to grow and improve.

It does not matter what level you are currently at with your skillsets or qualities because what will push you, make your work from good to great and bring you happiness is the desire for improvement.

So now you know, it’s a lot of hard work to maintain personal growth. You have to be constantly aware of your own progress, have confidence, and in order for this self-awareness to happen, you need feedback from others.

If you want some help with skills development or know someone that needs it, reach out! Give the full podcast episode with Robert a listen right HERE and learn more about some great strategies to stand out.

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