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What Is Social Selling The Inbound Way

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Social selling has been around for a while now. It's a powerful way to find new leads, engage with prospects and get social proof of your brand in front of people who are interested in what you have to offer. With social media marketing more popular than ever, it can be difficult to know the right social channels that will work best for your business.

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But there is an answer! In this Golden Nugget of The ROI Online Podcast CEO Lenwood Ross will cover everything you need to know about social selling and how it relates specifically to social media marketing; including how inbound plays into social sales and why it's so effective as well as some tips on getting started with inbound social selling.

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Social selling the inbound way it's really a function of the technology platforms and each one works differently, so we use them differently.

Inbound sales focuses on a more consultative approach to selling. Instead of focusing solely on the pitch, inbound sales is about monitoring buyers as they browse and research or "inbounds," learning all you can about them along with guiding them through a helpful process towards making an informed purchase decision.

Social selling is a technique that allows you to connect and interact with your potential or current customers on various social media networks. This style of sales tactic has been around for quite some time but it's only recently become popular as more people are using different forms of technology - such as smartphones, tablets, laptops etc- which allow them to be constantly connected socially in work and play.

Social sellers have the ability to learn about their clients’ needs through conversations instead of just cold calling because they will know what products interest those individuals before trying sell anything.

Lenwood talks about the primary two for professional business, which would be Twitter and LinkedIn, although Facebook is very useful as well, but it works very differently.

"Creating content and having that content amplified. When I say amplified, I simply mean that if someone likes your content, or they comment on your content, sometimes referred to as engage, they engage with your content, their network, then sees your content. So that's one way."

The other way, especially on LinkedIn, is the more people view, like and comment your content, the algorithm will move your content out, you'll see sometimes you might get 400 or 500 views, sometimes you might get 10,000 views.

What happens when your content moves out is people see it, and they say, "I have that problem", or "that's speaking to me", this is when we're creating content for an audience, we're creating content with a purpose.

When they do that, then they come to you, they come to your profile, they look at what you do, and then you can active when they do. I can see everybody who looks at my profile. I now that's inbound to me. Now I can engage with that person, I can say, "Hey, thanks for stopping by my profile." I don't know what caught your interest but I saw that you do X, Y and Z, let's connect I'd love for you to join my community. So that's how we get people coming to us.

In social selling, the inbound way, you can learn about your customers’ needs through conversations instead of just cold calling because they will know what products interest those individuals before trying sell anything. Social sellers have the ability to engage with their potential or current customer on various social media networks that allow them to connect and interact with a client.

When someone likes content created by social sellers or engages it then this person's network sees that post which moves it out into more people seeing it who are either looking for something like the content creator posted or having a problem similar as to one mentioned in the post. This is when social sales becomes an opportunity for social seller to contact these individuals and offer help/coaching via email, phone call, etc.

I Want Unlimited Warm Leads!

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