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Why is Personal Growth Important

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On this Golden Nugget from the ROI Online Podcast global business coach, business owner, and author Robert Clinkenbeard helps us explain a little better why is personal growth so important, especially these days.

You know that feeling when you are in the zone? When everything is going your way and you feel like you're unstoppable.

That's what self-development can give you! It'll keep your creativity flowing, help get rid of those pesky errors, and make sure that nothing stops your success.

The personal growth and self-improvement industry is huge. How many of us are looking for personal development books, personal coaching sessions, seminars, or workshops?

Maybe you're wondering what the next step in your personal growth journey should be.

Why not take that first step today? In this blog post, we will share 10 reasons why personal growth and self-improvement are so important!

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1.Increased productivity

Personal development and personal growth are the keys to increased productivity. When you feel fulfilled, happy with your life, and healthy in body and mind that will have a positive effect on everything you do.

2.Less stress

By making personal growth and development a habit by implementing mindful practices you can easily identify, eliminate or manage your stress.

3.Greater success

Through personal growth as a regular part of your lifestyle, you will gain the ability to reach your own markers of achievement and create the necessary environment you need to succeed.

Robert shares with us that for him if you want to get somewhere in life it's always good to improve yourself in any way you can and learn new things.

4.Better health

Personal growth can help you lead a healthy lifestyle. It can also teach you how to handle personal setbacks like illness and injury, which could improve your overall health.


Personal growth and personal development help increase your resilience by helping work through obstacles from the inside, develops your emotional intelligence, and gives you better strategies to deal with difficult situations.


They say happiness is the journey not necessarily the destination so having the ability to have control and cope with whatever challenge comes your way sounds like a great way to live.

7.Self-control and self-awareness

The ability to control your emotions, behaviors, and thoughts can help you more than you think to achieve specific goals. By knowing yourself better you can avoid situations that cause you discomfort. Growing on the spiritual side can also take you through a path where peace of mind is achieved.

8.Better leadership

Personal growth and development can improve leadership skills, which is important for anyone who wants to advance their career.

It helps you become more aware of your strengths, weaknesses, what motivates you to do things, who supports the parts of yourself that need support and also you start noticing it in others, which makes it easier to understand and work with people.

9.Stronger relationships

Personal development will enable you to better understand yourself, others in your life (family members, friends), and the world around you.

This understanding leads to improved relationships of all kinds. One study found that people who participated in personal growth activities had a lower divorce rate.

10.Sense of direction: 

And finally, the last reason – personal growth can help you clarify your personal vision for life, which will lead to a sense of direction and clearness of what you want out of life.

When you are clear on what you want you can easily remove and eliminate all that does not serve that goal.

Robert also mentioned that we're in a world now where suddenly everything has changed and will keep changing constantly.

There's so much information and data available through, Google, YouTube, you can pretty much learn whatever you want to. So why not take advantage of that and try and better yourself? This, of course, could be personal or can be in business.

So sharpen, don't look at the CV, look at data, look at books with a podcast, so many people out there that are business owners are willing to share their information so take advantage of that.

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How can you start growing through personal development and change your life?

Small changes can make a big difference in our lives and we're going to prove it with some action steps:

    1. Make a list of your goals
    2. Write down every goal you have and read them out loud to yourself
    3. Take time for self-care, even if it's just 10 minutes a day
    4. Get enough sleep at night so that you can start the next day fresh 
    5. Try something new and learn new skills- go to an art gallery or try a new recipe.

Certainly, you've heard of people who grew up and became talented in various skills. Mozart for music, Michael Jordan for basketball, and JK Rowling for writing.

    1. Do things in moderation - don't overwork yourself, focus on quality over quantity and you will be better at what you decide to put your focus on.

We're not going to lie to you - it's not super easy, if it was everyone would do it! But, it is possible.

The first step is just getting started (the hardest part). A lot of people think they don't have time for self-improvement and personal growth but the truth is that everyone has 24 hours in a day (give or take) so there must be time somewhere! It just takes some creativity on your end. 

We recommend starting with something small like reading a book or watching an inspiring documentary that will make you feel good about yourself which may lead to more challenging tasks such as meditating daily or attending yoga classes regularly.

Whatever you choose, remember, we are all capable of change and improvement if we put our minds to it!

Life is more enjoyable when personal growth and self-improvement are a priority.

There is no feeling of success when you don't cultivate or take care of yourself because then, what's the point?

You'll have less stress at work because you'll feel confident in your abilities and know that it's up to YOU to figure things out. And finally - instead of feeling like a victim when sh*t happens - failure becomes an opportunity for growth.

In personal growth and self-improvement, the more you love yourself, the better your relationships will be. You develop healthier habits and skills that can help you avoid negative situations. 

The personal growth industry is worth billions of dollars - because people know that personal development leads to a happier more fulfilling life.

The happier you are with who you are on a personal level, the less likely it is that others will take advantage of you because they know that YOU'RE happy too. 

If you want some help with skills development or know someone that needs it, reach out! Give the full podcast episode with Robert a listen right HERE and learn more about some great strategies to stand out.

We would love to read more personal growth and self-improvement tips in the comments below! What personal development goals are you working on? Have any recommendations for books we should read next?

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