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3 Ways to Reduce Your Cart Abandonment Rate

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There are many reasons why people abandon their carts before purchase. 

There are a few ways to reduce this rate and increase your bottom line.

In this golden nugget from the ROI Online Podcast Founder of TextChat, Eric Kades shares 3 ways to reduce your car abandonment rate. 

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Here are the top three things you need to reduce your cart abandonment.

1. Collect a phone number so you can follow up with your lead.

Have a field for the lead to put their phone number in your checkout form, and express that you want consent to follow up with them via phone call.

2. Make the checkout process as easy as possible.

If you make your potential customer jump through hoops in your shopping cart, and go back to pages to check things, they will leave. Make this process seamless and with as few steps as possible. 

Think of Amazon's one-click buy

3. Send a follow-up email. 

Consider you have a customer bounce from your cart. Send them a follow-up email and offer a 10% discount if they return for a purchase. 

These are some of the three simple ways you can reduce your cart abandonment rate, and increase your sales. 

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