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The ROI Online Podcast - Episode #3 Brian Burkhart - SquarePlanet

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On this episode of the ROI Online Podcast, Steve talks with Brian Burkhart about the world of entrepreneurship, unleashing your gift into the world (even when it isn't easy), and how important communication is when running a business.


Brian Burkhart helps people become true business communicators. After a wide assortment of jobs, including video production and driving the submarines at Walt Disney World, he discovered he had a passion for helping entrepreneurs discover their "why."

He started his business, SquarePlanet, to help influencers and thought leaders share their story with the world in an engaging and inspirational manner. Along the way, he experienced some ups and downs himself. He learned how to take each mistake as an opportunity for growth and how to push through your failures. Today, he has worked with some of the biggest companies on the planet, including Amazon, Google, and United Airlines.

Brian loves to live simply and enjoys spending his time with his wife watching the sunset over the mountains in Phoenix, Arizona. He believes all entrepreneurs can get far if they take a moment to reflect on the little things they have to be grateful for every day.

Brian Burkhart is the founder of SquarePlanet:


You can get a copy of Brian's book, Stand for Something: The Power of Building a Brand People Authentically Love, here:


Topics: Marketing, Sales, Communication, Speaking