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CEO Kate Bradley on Using AI for Better Content: ROI Online Podcast

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The world is changing and so is marketing.

Marketing based on connection is not new. It's just the tools in front of us that are evolving. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been around for a while but it's now seeping into marketing as well as social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube as brands look for ways to create more authentic connections with consumers and fans alike. What does this mean for marketing? We're seeing AI being used to write better content-to generate blogs, email copy and even post them on social channels.

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Want to publish content on a regular basis without adding more work to your plate or more employees to your team? In today’s world, content is a necessity, but creating it regularly can be a headache. 

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Luckily, it’s actually not that hard to create content people will love. In this episode of the ROI Online Podcast, CEO Kate Bradley Chernis explains how you can use artificial intelligence in your marketing, tips for creating a better social media presence, and a social media content tool that makes posts easy.

Kate went from being a DJ, to owning a marketing agency that worked with large organizations, to finally creating a software (Lately) that uses AI to grow your business, along with an amazing team. Lately helps you write better marketing content with help from artificial intelligence and software automation.

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The world evolves everyday, and so does the technology you need to adapt. Making sure your marketing strategy is always evolving as well and including elements like AI can ensure your business keeps progressing and meeting your customers’ needs.

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Among other things, Kate and Steve discussed:

  • Kate’s backstory and experiences 
  • The challenges she faced starting her business
  • The importance of having AI in your marketing 
  • Elements that should be included in a robust social media strategy
  • Why social media is a must for an inbound marketing strategy
  • How to create a social media strategy without losing sleep

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