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Video Expert Matthew Pierce on Communicating Through the Power of Video: The ROI Online Podcast Ep. 58

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What’s the magic element you need to get people’s attention? In this episode of the ROI Online Podcast, video expert Matthew Pierce shares how video can connect you with people on a deeper level, the kinds of videos that have the greatest impact, and easy tips to start creating videos now.

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Matthew is a learning and video ambassador for TechSmith, a screen capture and solutions software for anyone who wants to create images and videos for better communication. He believes there are simple things we can all learn that will make us produce superior and more powerful messages.

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If you aren’t an expert at video, creating digital content can be time-consuming and intimidating. Matthew gives us some insights on how to make this process easier and how utilizing software like TechSmith can make your business thrive.

Among other things, Matthew and Steve discussed:

  • What authenticity means and why is a key component when making videos
  • The common excuses that keep people from creating incredible videos—and why they’re just not valid
  • How to overcome the shame or fear of recording yourself
  • What instructional designers do and how are they helpful to your business
  • Why teaching or explaining something through videos is a fantastic way to connect with people
  • The secret to standing out enormously on YouTube among the competition 
  • Different great applications of video use 
  • What do you know, that your audience needs to know
  • How the TechSmith software works and all the resources they have to offer for video making

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