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How Do I Prepare To Sell My Small Business?

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You have poured hours, years, days and nights into your building your business. And now you're ready to sell it.

What should you be prepared for?

In this golden nugget from the ROI Online Podcast CEO of Sieler Tucker, Michelle Seiler Tucker shares how to prepare for selling your small business. 

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The most important aspect of selling your business is having a strategic exit plan

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In order for an exit strategy to work, it must meet two important criteria:

1. It has to be profitable and sustainable.

2. It needs to maintain or increase market value of company's assets.

A good example would be a buyer who desires more control over operations so they can grow the company further than what current management allows - this type of sale may provide both profit and increased market values because there are no limitations on how long the new owner wants to keep growing.

This kind of situation provides an excellent opportunity for current shareholders (owners) as well as potential buyers by providing them with a choice between selling outright or continuing their business.

Get More Tips On How To Create A Strategic Exit Plan 

Listen to the full podcast episode with Michelle the foundations you need to build a sustainable, scalable, and saleable asset HERE

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