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How to Understand Your Audience for Better Copywriting

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Understanding your audience is vital as a copywriter.

When you understand your audience, you know the problems they're facing and the solutions they're looking for.

But how do you understand your audience?

In this golden nugget from the ROI Online Podcast CEO of Broca, Sid Bharath shares how to understand your audience for better copywriting. 

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To understand your audience for better copywriting, you have to ask them questions

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Find out where your audience spends time, reads their blogs, and follow them on social media channels.

Ask yourself: what are they looking for? What solutions do they want or need right now? How will my product/service help them solve their problem?

And then, reach out to them! Use the answers you've gathered with the common language you've seen your potential customers using on their social media.

This is a great way to know if your copy will appeal to your audience because you are using THEIR language and answering the questions they are seeking answers for.

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