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Mistakes People Make When Starting Their Podcast

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You are ready to start a podcast, but do you know what mistakes could derail your success before it even begins?

In this golden nugget from the ROI Online Podcast with Vinay Koshy of Sproutworth, shares the one mistake people make when starting their podcast. 

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You're finally set on embarking in the world of podcasts by starting one yourself. You've put all the pieces together and now it's time for that first episode...but wait!

Here is a common mistake you should avoid when starting your podcast...

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view producing content as a short term revenue producing metric.

It takes months, and sometimes years for potential customers to discover your content. It can take multiple interactions with your content before someone reaches out to schedule a consultation to schedule a consultation.

Podcast content is not an overnight fix, it's a long-term game with positive compounding effects. 

The key to getting a return on your investment on your podcast is to stay focused on creating consistently good content. That's it! 

Here's some quick tips on how to ensure you'll create consistently good content for your podcast.

- Set specific goals as far as content goes at the beginning of every week/month.

- Prepare ahead of time so there's less pressure when it comes time for recording.

- Review the topics that listeners are most engaged in during each episode.

Start Your Podcast Journey The Right Way

Give the full podcast episode a listen with Vishay HERE and learn how to create impactful content for your podcast.

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