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One Small Tip For A Big Website Impact

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Have you been searching for a way to make your website more impactful? 

In this golden nugget from the ROI Online Podcast CEO of Convertica Kurt Philip shares one small tip you can use on your website that can make a big impact.

Click the video to watch below! 

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This is a tip that is used by Convertica, that has increased conversions on their client's website up from 20% - 100%+. 

The one tip that can make a significant impact on your website is by optimizing it for a mobile-first experience. This is because over 61% of users use their phones vs their desktops now

How To Test For Mobile First Optimization

Get on your mobile phone try and completing a process. For example, try buying an item on your site or signing up for something.

See how that experience is on your mobile phone.

Spend 10 minutes clicking around your website. Get one of your friends or family to do it and ask for feedback. You know what while you're doing it and you might have some good feedback

Then understand the best 10 things to change for mobile conversions. How many of those do you have?

The one thing to keep in mind for your site on mobile is that you need to keep it simple. Don't try to pack everything on a small screen!

Additional mobile optimization tips:

1) Make sure your website loads quickly and is easy to navigate on a small screen.

2) Provide links to social media sites so people can easily share what they're reading with friends or coworkers.

3) Include images in posts because many people prefer them instead of text-heavy content when it comes to viewing things on their phones.

I Want Unlimited Warm Leads!


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