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The Secret Sales Philosophy Every Salesperson Should Know

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Whether you're selling insurance, real estate, or technology, there's one secret philosophy you've probably never heard of.

In this golden nugget from the ROI Online Podcast Co-Owner of the real estate Turner & Rudd Group explains the secret sales philosophy every salesperson should know.

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This sales philosophy is the same philosophy that helped Rick generate $27 million in sales for Turner And Rudd group in 2019.

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If you love the client you're interacting with and you want what's best for the customer, then trust develops.

If you care more about fulfilling the needs of your customer rather than making your quota, then eventually, you will meet your quota.

When the client begins to develop trust with you because they know you will go above and beyond to help them, you become a trusted adviser instead of a salesperson. And in return, get the sale.

Put your client's needs first. If they aren't a good fit, don't sell to them to meet your quota. 

That is the secret winning sales philosophy.

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