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The Most Important Thing To Consider When Running Ads For Your Small Business

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Running ads for your small business can prove to be difficult and often time a waste of money.

You want to put out great content, but you also need to keep an eye on the budget and find the right balance between quality and cost-effectiveness.

But there is one important piece of advice that can save you time and money.

In this golden nugget from the ROI Online Podcast CEO of Ajala Digital Pamela Wagner shares the most important thing you need to consider when running ads for your small business. 

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There are hundreds of platforms to advertise on now. From Google, Youtube, Linkedin, the list goes on. And these platforms can be very expensive to advertise on.

But the good news is you don't need to advertise on all of them!

The most important thing to consider when running ads for your small business is knowing who your target audience is

Don't cast a wide net advertising across several, different platforms. This is a waste of money. 

Understand what your value proposition is and what problem you are solving. From there you can figure out what platform your audience spends the most time on and create impactful ads on the right platform from there.

Learn How To Find Your Audience And Create Effect Ads 

Listen to this short clip with Pamela about the types of audiences that you need to know, and how to target those types of audiences.

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