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The One Thing Every Great Sales Manger Does

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What the one thing every great sales manager does?

What is the one thing you wish you knew as a sales manager that would take your team from good, to great?

In this golden nugget from the ROI Online Podcast sales coach and mentor who has generated over $1.8 Billion in revenue as a professional salesperson, Joe Paranteau explains the one thing every great sales manager does.

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A great sales manager knows how to motivate their team. But how do you figure out what motivates all of the different people on your team?

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You can learn what motivates your team as a sales manager by asking them specific questions. Here are some excellent questions to ask:

When prepping for a meeting ask:

What plan do you have for your sales call tomorrow?

Ask how their lead wants the business outcome to look like?

Ask how your team member plans on outlining their sales call.

In order to know what particular things motivate your colleagues, you must spend time with them, you must stay curious as a manager, and put the effort in to continuously seek to understand them. This will allow you to know what to bring to a conversation when interacting with them and help you understand their personal pain points and goals they want to accomplish. 

Now is the time to up your sales game. 

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