Why Your Marketing Is Failing Your Business

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You're seeing leads growing in your CRM, but none of them are converting to customers. What's the issue?

The reason you invest in marketing is to generate leads for your business.

In this golden nugget from the ROI Online Podcast former COO Of HubSpot JD Sherman explains why your marketing is failing you.

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Ask yourself this question. Are you following up with your leads?

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Marketing is a two-step equation, you market to get leads attracted to your business, and then you follow up with them.  If you don't follow up with your leads, your marketing is useless, no matter how many leads it brings to your table. Customers buy from you because they know you can solve their problems. So answer their questions, and solve their problems! 

If they leave a comment, answer them. If they email you, answer them. If they call you, answer them. This can be particularly hard as a small business owner when time is not on your side, but it's critical that you follow up with your leads. The inability to follow up with your leads will result in the ability to grow your profits and revenue over time. 

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