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Grow Your Business With The ROI QuickStart Lite


When it comes to success, sometimes less is all you need. The ROI QuickStart Lite provides your business with a powerful, sales-driven foundation you can use to generate leads and boost sales.

And the best part? You get it all in just 90 days at a price that fits your budget.


What’s Included In The ROI QuickStart Lite:

  • StoryBrand BrandScript Coaching
  • 1 Customer Testimonial Generating Campaign
  • 1 Branded & Designed Premium Offer Campaign
  • 5 Stunning, StoryBranded Website Page Templates
  • 1 Lead Nurturing Email Series
  • 1 Sales Sequence



The QuickStart Lite Vs. The ROI QuickStart & Pro Plan

When we first started implementing the StoryBrand framework for clients, we created the ROI QuickStart Lite as an affordable, flexible package to fit businesses early on in the startup process.

The plan sets businesses up for success by providing them with the tools they need to get their marketing machine off the ground, including:

  • All aspects of the StoryBrand Marketing Roadmap
  • A sales sequence to merge your marketing with your sales team

As the years passed, however, we realized that many businesses needed more. They needed a team of experts to develop the website content for them, along with a marketing and sales platform to automate the process.

Enter the ROI QuickStart, the next evolution in marketing and sales enablement.

The ROI QuickStart combines all deliverables from the ROI QuickStart Lite with the functionality and capabilities of HubSpot—all in just 120 days.

After that QuickStart 120-day process is up, you might continue to struggle to manage your marketing while running your business. If that’s the case, the ROI ProPlan is a perfect solution.

This long-term engagement allows us to continue to support your business in the areas you really need it. Get additional website content, create detailed campaigns for your target audience, prepare for the next trade show, and much more.  

Not sure which plan is right for you? Schedule a free strategy session, and let’s talk!

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Should Your Business Use HubSpot?

Not all businesses are created equally, and the same goes for marketing platforms. Some companies thrive when they have an all-in-one, in-depth system to support all of their assets. Some just need a place to host their website.

At ROI Online, we believe a powerful marketing and sales framework is key to growing your revenue. That’s why we specialize in HubSpot, a platform that provides businesses with everything they need to nurture leads, manage sales, and add to their marketing machine.

 If HubSpot isn’t right for you, don’t sweat it. With the QuickStart Lite, we’ll still provide you with an effective marketing funnel. All you have to do is plug it into your website hosting platform of choice.

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Ready To Get Your QuickStart Lite?

If you think the QuickStart Lite could be a good fit for your business, set up a free meeting with ROI Online. We’ll talk you through the process, answer any questions you might have, and provide you with a clear marketing direction you can follow to boost your sales.