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Don’t Let Shiny But Useless Marketing Tactics Suck Up Your Budget.

ROI Online offers three programs designed to help entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes get real results from their marketing efforts.

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The Golden Toilet

$6.99 Starting Price

  • Discover the biggest ways business owners waste their marketing budget
  • Learn the 4 crucial components big-name brands use to achieve success from their marketing
  • Get clarity about your next steps and the tools you need to move your business in the right direction

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The ROI PitStop

$1,879 Starting Price

  • Work one-on-one with a marketing co-driver and strategist
  • Get real-time, personalized coaching on your marketing
  • Clarify your messaging with the help of a content specialist
  • Select the services you need most from a menu of options

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The ROI QuickStart

$5,779 Starting Price /month

  • Work together with a full team of marketing experts
  • Create, build, and execute the Business GrowthStack in 120 days
  • Receive one-on-one training and education every step of the way
  • Walk away with everything you need to take your business to the next level

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Learn What Works & What Doesn’t in The Golden Toilet

Golden Toilet Standing Paperback Clone

Marketing seems simple, so why is the application so damn confusing?

As a marketer and business owner, Steve Brown knows what business leaders face in today’s world as they fight to grow their business. He wrote The Golden Toilet to help entrepreneurs just like you cut through the confusion and create an impactful online presence.

The Golden Toilet features a holistic marketing system used by the high-growth brands you love. It empowers you by revealing the marketing fundamentals you should have in place now.

If you’re fed up with marketing ploys and tricks that never move the needle, this book is for you. Pick up your copy today and gain the knowledge you need to help your business succeed. Or, listen to the audio version for free when you sign up for a 30-Day Trial of Audible!

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FAQs About The Golden Toilet

Funny you ask, we just so happen to have this video available to walk you through what The Golden Toilet is all about (and why you’ll definitely want to pick up a copy).

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The book is right for you if you’re an entrepreneur searching for clear answers to all things marketing, as well as practical next steps you can put in place right away.

The Golden Toilet helps you think of your marketing holistically: as a business process instead of separate, disjointed tools used to promote your business. You’ll gain perspective and ideas that will help you grow your business and differentiate yourself from competitors still trying to please Google.

The Business GrowthStack came from the realization that there is no silver bullet to marketing. It takes a combination of systems that stack together!

Sign up for a free strategy session to find out how we can help you implement the strategies from the book. Or check out the ROI Online Podcast and listen to incredible stories of transformation, dedication, and trial-and-error from entrepreneurs just like you.

Get Clarity on How to Grow Your Business with the ROI PitStop


You wear so many hats. Business owner. Supervisor. Strategist. So why waste valuable time trying to figure out marketing on your own?

The ROI PitStop is for busy entrepreneurs who need someone to help identify hurdles in the road, steer their business back on track, and help them speed past the competition. It’s an ongoing, interactive coaching program designed to fit your business and budget.

In regular weekly sessions, you’ll work one-on-one with a skilled marketing specialist who gets to know your business on a personal level. Your co-driver will then help you plan, create, and execute a custom marketing strategy to make your vision for your business a reality.

With the help of your personal co-driver, you can take your marketing up a notch. Schedule a free strategy session now and start your engine.

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FAQs About the ROI PitStop


Some things are better explained in videos than in long paragraphs of text, am I right? Check out the video below to learn more about how the PitStop works and whether it’s right for your business.

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Your PitStop includes one-on-one coaching sessions plus in-meeting review and creation of marketing materials. If we don’t get to a deliverable in a meeting, you can feel free to work on it on your own time and we’ll provide feedback in the next session.

We’ll create your marketing strategy together on our calls. Then, your co-driver will create an action plan to bring that strategy to life. 

You can work on these deliverables alongside your co-driver in the meetings, or you can work on them outside of meetings and get feedback from your co-driver in your next session. The choice is yours!

The ROI PitStop is perfect for entrepreneurs who haven’t quite gotten their business off the ground, aren’t sure what their next step should be, have experience in some area of marketing, or don’t have the resources to purchase a full QuickStart. If you’re willing to put in the work and invest in your business, this program is for you.

However, if you have a tighter turnaround and want our team to take the stress of creating your marketing system off your plate, the ROI QuickStart is the better fit. That program allows you to focus on the overall picture without having to take on the burden of completing each task yourself. 

We created the PitStop menu to help you hand-select the services you need extra help with to achieve your personal business goals. These are often tasks that you don’t have time to complete outside of meetings, need sooner than later, or would feel more comfortable having our expert team take off your plate.

The menu includes a wide variety of deliverables centered on:

  • Clear messaging
  • Website content and design
  • Content creation
  • Podcast production

Build a Full Marketing System in 120 Days with The ROI QuickStart


Without a professional, customer-focused marketing system, your business won’t stand out from the crowd. Sure, you could spend years trying to build that system yourself. But what if there was a quicker (and less stressful) way to establish a digital presence that reflects who you are and what you stand for?

The ROI QuickStart incorporates the four elements of the Business GrowthStack in one simple system, so you can spend less time worrying about your marketing and more time scaling your business. Our team works with you to create everything you need to achieve results, including:

  • Clear Messaging BluePrint
  • Brand design guidelines
  • 5 web page templates, designed and developed
  • 1 campaign including a lead-generating PDF, landing page, thank you page, and follow-up email
  • 1 lead-nurturing email series
  • 1 sales email sequence
  • 1 customer referral or testimonial generating email and survey
  • Additional marketing and sales training

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FAQs About the ROI QuickStart

You certainly can! Check out the video below to learn what’s included in the QuickStart, how the process works, and why it was made for small business owners like you.

HubSpot Video


We prefer to put all QuickStarts in HubSpot because it provides the most functionality and includes all the resources you need to scale your business in the long run. 

However, for businesses who have a smaller budget or don’t need all the bells and whistles, we can set you up for success using Zephyr along with Active Campaign.

The QuickStart includes all the deliverables offered in the StoryBrand RoadMap and then some. In addition to clear messaging, you’ll receive a fully developed website including marketing automation, training, and the education you need to maintain the system on your own.

Because good work takes time, 120 days is the fastest we can complete a QuickStart. Out of respect for our other clients and the workload of our team, we only offer one 1-hour weekly meeting per client and find this works best in every case. We appreciate your understanding!

That said, this timeline depends entirely on whether deliverables are approved in a timely manner by the client (aka you!). If you approve tasks quickly and we don’t encounter a lot of back-and-forth editing, we should meet this deadline without any problems!

Yes! If our teams work well together, we provide ongoing support with our ProPlan, where we continue to create campaigns, content, sales materials, and other resources you may need to take your business to the next level.

Just like with your QuickStart, your VIP Campaign Plan will have a designated project manager that will serve as your main point of contact. That project manager will work with our team and yours to make sure each piece of your project is completed correctly and in a time-efficient manner. 

On the back end, you will also have a developer, graphic designer, content creator, and strategist working on your project. 


Not Sure Where You Fit?

Let’s talk! Together, we can discuss your business goals and the obstacles standing in your way. Then we can determine the best way to help you grow your business, your impact, and your bottom line.

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